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5 Ajax Testing Tools for Web Developers

June 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

The Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) development language can be used to create dynamic web based software. Ajax, together with PHP coding may also enrich PHP application development. There are a number of tools which are used to check bugs within a web software to verify overall performance as well as scalability.

Testing Of programs developed with Ajax has previously been difficult but due to the latest innovations in technology, there are a number of methods and tools that could relieve the issues that are apparent with testing associated with programs created working with Ajax.

This small Ajax tutorial will educates you on a number of these fantastic test tools:

Sprajax: Sprajax will allow scanning associated with web software produced on Ajax to get tested for security threats. This will be as a result of assisting with Security assessment. Sparajax includes the following functions:

  • Spiders web applications
  • Detects the Ajax frameworks utilized
  • Detects any Ajax-specific endpoints for the frameworks
  • Fuzzes endpoints using framework which are appropriate HTTP requests

SWExplorer Automation (SWEA): SWEA uses automation API's pertaining to internet applications together with Ajax, HTML code and DHTML. The automation API provides use of web software contents along with associated controls.

The SW Explorer Automation Visual Designer makes the automation API work. Programmable objects may also be created using the specific Visual designer component. SWExplorer Automation also provides protected login (HTTPS).

Test scripts are created with C# as well as VB.NET. By making use of SWEA macros, test scripts could be reused without adjustments or even re-recordings.

Squish: Is an automated Graphical user interface testing tool used in functional and regression tests of the GUI. Testing can be designed in well recognized programming languages such as Perl, Python and also JavaScript.

It's main functions are:

  • Smart recording and replay operation.
  • Automated confirmation points for increased efficiency and also a 'Squish spy' tool.
  • Batch execution with test data.
  • Support for Data driven testing.
  • Flexibility with full control of test out execution and test out results.

Parasoft Webking: Webking is a website testing product developed by Parasoft Corporation used in enhancing the efficiency, performance, robustness of a web program. This allows users to be able to record their mouse clicks and also documents as well as performs it back again. This software detects the run period problem occurring in a program execution including exceptions. It also delivers an automatic framework to test the components of Ajax programs and after that merges these elements into a test suite.

Webking has an easy to use GUI interface to create scripts. Tests will be produced using Junit assessments, along with Java development which could be used to enhance it's effectiveness.

Selenium: Is a software testing framework specifically produced for web applications. Selenium gives users Record/Playback features. With Selenese - Selenium Commands that are used to run tests, Users can create tests in several development languages like Python, Ruby, Pearl, Groovy, PHP etc. Selenium can be used on Macintosh, Linux and Windows platform.

Selenium tests are often run directly on internet browsers and as a result allows simulating the user experience. They can operate with popular web browsers such as Firefox, Internet explorer.

Windmill: Windmill enables users to automate plus debug your online applications. It supports a number of different domains and debugging and documenting is actually integrated. Tests can be created in JavaScript because it involves Javascript framework.

Windmill is written in Python and Javascript. It facilitates web browsers like IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The Software also supports integrated debugging tools such as Firebug, Firebug lite as well as inspector.

Testertools is the Largest Open Source Software Testing Tool and Commercial off the Shelf Tool website on the internet, including a dedicated Ajax Testing Tools section that showcases the latest Ajax Software Testing Tools.

With hundreds of development testing tools in more than 50 Categories, join thousands of Software Quality Assurance Proffesionals in using Testertools to solve their Software Testing needs.

If you would like to try Ajax Test tools for free Visit

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