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5 Tips for Introducing a New Product Into the Market

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 181

Congratulations! You have gotten much further than most people who dream about making money on the Internet. The majority of people have big dreams and little action. You have done the one thing that the Harvard School of Business states as the greatest determiner of success: You have gone from idea to action as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, you are not out of the water yet! Your product must be introduced to the world in order for you to make money. What good is an awesome product if no one knows about it? You are now in the most important stage of your business, product launching. Here are a couple of ways to effectively launch your new product:

Where to Launch Your New Product:

Video Marketing-

My suggestion is to start a video blog on YouTube and on other popular user generated video sites. These sites allow you to brand both yourself and your product. A smart marketer would also use these videos to create a list that you can later email more products to. Your videos should be personable and you should create titles that will rank high in Google's search engine.

Video marketing is basically attraction marketing, where your customers gets to know you and your personality. Do not try to sell your viewers in every video; instead, present cool concepts and news about your industry in these videos. Over time, they will begin to trust you.

Forum Marketing-

Product launching can also take place on Internet forums that correspond to your product. You can also use these niche based forums to learn more about your demographic. A good strategy is to be really helpful and add a ton of quality content to the forum. Similar to video marketing, your goal is to build their trust and to become the resident expert on your industry.

Paid Advertising-

The same video sites and forums normally have banner space that is for rent. You can have a graphic designer create a fancy banner to use on these sites. Some site owners will rent you banner space by the month, others will charge per click.

Pay Per Click-

Another form of product launching is to simply pay for search marketing ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google is obviously the most used search engine today. You will need to research specific keywords that interested parties would use if they had a need for your product.

Press Releases & Article Marketing-

Submitting Press Releases and Article Marketing are the traditional forms of product launching. There are plenty of sites whose sole purpose is to release Press Releases. A press release lets the Internet know that you have a new product and what problem it solves.

Article Marketing is similar to a Press Release, but uses more of a narrative. You target specific keywords that are related to your product and write articles that relate to this problem. The formula for article marketing is to state a problem, give a solution, and send them to your website.

All of the methods above work and should be used together for the best results. Good luck with your product launching.

To learn successful ways and methods to launch your products I invite you to go to check it out and invest in your peace of mind and your financial future.

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