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Is Cloud Technology Just for Giants?

May 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 152

There is a family or class reunion coming up. This year it is your responsibility to plan and coordinate the project. A group of members on the planning committee are scattered around the country if not the world. Everybody has a different email address.

Google has a cloud server that can receive and process emails in one place no matter where they originated. That saves a lot of time and bandwidth.

Members in Kansas are to plan the entertainment. Michelle saw a video of a classmate who had been presented an award. She downloaded it from a free video site where people are allowed to upload videos.

Free video and music download sites are prone to viruses, spyware and malware infection. Generally these problems are not intentional. A picture or CD might travel around the internet days, weeks or years before it is uploaded. In all that journey, it can pick up a virus. You download it and it makes no difference how it got there, your hard drive is now infected. New viruses are released everyday. There is no way that the everyday internet user can keep track of new releases. Now there is a phrase for you.

By reserving space in the cloud, problems of system failure, total crash, or virus is eliminated. All your files are safely stored and backed up. If you access your files from another computer, they are there.

Michelle may be in trouble because she downloaded a dirty video, but when she uploads it to your cloud storage, it will go through a rigorous examination before it is stored

All is well that ends well, right. Yeah but that's not all. If you are looking for that something special or to just socialize, there is no need to go from site to site looking. Think a moment about Facebook and Google and Twitter. Their servers are in the cloud. Can you imagine Facebook having a place to store all those pictures? Think of the cost alone.

Cloud Technology is no longer just for the giant enterprise. The cloud is for the giants and everyday computing. In the cloud, everybody is a giant. Within a couple of years, the internet is expected to grow by over thirty million users. For those who were around when time keeping went from analog to digital, were amazed when they saw their first digital watch. This is that moment with Cloud technology.

Ed is a developer at A site offering information related to Cloud Technology and posts of a variety of interesting possibilities that can be found in the cloud

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