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Information Product Creation - How To Create Products That Effectively Solve People's Problems

June 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

If you are creating information products that help people to solve their problems you will want to make sure that they actually do hit the mark with this in a satisfactory manner. There are many ways to test out your products before they go to market. These include using surveys with your list of prospects and clients, giving out review copies to potential affiliates, and asking friends and family to use them and give you their honest opinion as to their effectiveness.

Surveys are a simple way to ask people what they think. There are a few free services that do this quite well. Write five to seven questions about the product you have already created or are in the process of creating to see what you may have left out, to make sure your pricing is right, and to see what other questions your list may have. I like to do this about six weeks before I release my new product so that I have ample time to make the changes that make sense in my overall business plan.

Recruiting affiliates will always be a way for you to sell more of your products, but you want to make sure you are asking these affiliates to promote and recommend something that is exactly what their list will be looking for. By sending them a review copy, with their permission, you are giving them the opportunity to give you an honest review of what you have created. Be sure to ask for their feedback first, and then make changes. Then send them the updated product so they can then write a review on their site.

Friends and family come in handy with this as well, but you must keep in mind that they are not your target market for the product. They will see it from a completely different perspective, and that can be extremely valuable. Ask them what they think every step of the way so they can give you their honest and spontaneous opinion. My nephew once pointed out a glaring omission I had made with one of my products, and I can never thank him enough for doing so.

Information product creation is a wonderful way to build an online business. Creating products that solve problems for others can be hugely rewarding and satisfying, so be willing to take the time to do it right. Your customers will appreciate this and your reputation will become one you can be proud of as you move through your online career as an entrepreneur.

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