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Credibility And Gaining Face With Your Business

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

In Japan one of the major parts of business is the ability to gain "face". It sounds like something out of a James Bond movie but it is one of the most important factors in Japanese business. It basically is when a person or company can gain "face" or perhaps we would call it credibility so that the person or company being dealt with considers the other person or company of such a standing as to warrant consideration and respect.

In British business the same terms may not apply but the same principles most certainly do apply. A person or company that is well thought of has a far better chance of receiving and maintaining business and business relations than one that whose ability and credibility is under question. For small operators and producers this can be difficult at times to project as the office and set up can be a little like the old Tony Hancock address of "Railway Sidings, East Cheam". The cost of getting an official "face" can be very expensive, particularly in London where office space of any note is very expensive and the cost of front of office staff equally expensive and difficult to get.

A virtual office company can give your company a great start for a very limited cost. These sort of services will provide a registered address in a reputable area, such as London for example. This shows to the customer base that the business is serious in its intent to provide a good "face". The customer will know that if he has to have or if he wants to have a meeting with his provider he will be able to do it in a meeting place acceptable to him and his people and with facilities for all modern communications. A virtual office service therefore allows a new business or small business to gain the reputation and appearance of a large London business, when in fact the company may well be based in the countryside.

Any visit or contact with the virtual office will provide a tangible expression of the degree to which the company intends to promote his business and his intent to use experienced and capable services to control and expand his business. The customer will know that he can ask the virtual office company to arrange services such as translation as well as legal and accountancy provision if contracts or pricing of goods and services are required and he will know that if he has to pay for it, that it will not be at a rate which may apply to a small company with a backstreet office.

Most of all he will know that contact can be made and dealt with efficiently and professionally every time.

Office space in Mayfair, London; and virtual office services with a prestigious Mayfair address.

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