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Maternity Clothes and Baby Gear - Dressing In Style And Comfort

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

The beautiful mother to be can always look her best in hip, gorgeous maternity clothes that shows off every luscious curve.

Gone are the days of draping your body with oversized clothing because today, fashionable clothes in flowered prints and silky fabrics are available to celebrate your figure not hide it. You will be surprised at the wonderful assortment of baby gear available in stores and online that can double as lovely baby shower gifts.

Wrap your newborn in a baby gear dream swaddle and help them adjust to their new world. Dress them in darling cotton organic clothing or woollen hand knitted singlets. Their first clothes are the ones you will most likely hold on to until they have children of their own. This will be that special one item that you simply cannot part from and will keep safely tucked away well after they have grown out of it.

New moms can look incredible in 'The Wrap Dress' by maternity clothing brand HOTmilk, which switches between a hospital gown, a sexy wrap as well as a robe. This dress will look even better with a great pair of leggings as well. Throughout the duration of your pregnancy, regular clothing may not be an option until baby arrives. However this does not mean that you should be uncomfortable with what you are wearing or look any other than radiant! This dress certainly offers a comfortable and sexy option.

For the corporate woman, you can still maintain your look with a stunning range of specially crafted maternity dresses that provide the same professional look you love. You certainly don't have to give up wearing your hot jeans either. You'll love the range of bootleg and loose-fit jeans available keeping in fashion with the latest trends every woman wants to wear. You can find cute capri pants, sexy leggings, shorts, lounge pants and more, all with your baby belly in mind.

Baby Gear

Mum won't want dad to be left out, not when he can keep baby close with a nursing sling. This special bonding time only comes once and he will forever remember how special it was. A nursing sling is a fantastic baby gear item that with help carry all baby's needs in totes that can also pass for a really cute purse! With many pockets for easy organization, different ways to carry it, lots of room and a changing pad, you'll be all set.

Maternity wear and baby gear never looked so good. Remember to enjoy it in style and comfort.

Did you know Breastmates New Zealand is more than just a maternity clothes and baby gear store? Breastmates are here to support you in motherhood. You can shop online from an award-winning store with tonnes of advice and information on everything maternity related including breastfeeding. Visit

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