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Exercising That Extra Caution During the Final Trimester of Pregnancy

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 172

During the third trimester of pregnancy you may feel incredibly tired, but find yourself unable to drop off to sleep or waking up frequently at night unable to get back to sleep again.

Your sleep disruption may be due to many things; physical discomfort, your baby kicking, indigestion, nocturnal trips to the loo, or an inability to switch off mentally - with your mind racing with exciting plans for the future, even in the small hours.

This broken sleep can be incredibly distressing, leading to tiredness and depression, and leaving you with no energy and a sense of being disorientated.

You may have some people tell you that this broken sleep in the third trimester of pregnancy is simply your body preparing you for the sleep deprivation you will have to cope with when your baby arrives, but this is small consolation when you're going through it!

Here are some suggestions which may help.

Wind down

Develop a relaxing, winding-down routine before bedtime. Avoid watching television close to bedtime as it will stimulate your brain too much. Try taking a candle-lit bath with some lavender oil added to make you sleepy, lie on the sofa and listen to some relaxing music, and sip a milky drink before you go to bed.

Buy a lavender sleep pillow

Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties - have a sachet or pillow stuffed with lavender on your bed or use a fragrant pillow spray.

Find a comfortable sleeping position

Try to position yourself on your side, as lying on your back in later pregnancy presses on the main vein transporting blood from the lower body. Use pillows between your legs or under your bump to make you more comfortable.

Nap during the day

Obviously, you can only really do this if you've started your maternity leave, but a day-time nap of around 30 minutes can really help you get through the days of your third trimester of pregnancy. Try not to sleep longer than this though and no later than 3pm, as this will disrupt your night-time sleep.

Keep your bedroom well ventilated

Sleep with the window open, even in the winter, but don't allow the room to become too cold. Keep the thermostat on your radiator at a temperature that you find comfortable. Being too hot or too cold will keep you awake.

Invest in a new pillow

A comfortable pillow is every bit as important as a comfortable mattress for improving our sleep.

Pillows should be replaced anywhere from every six months to two years. Try the fold test to know if it's time to replace yours. Simply fold your pillow in half. A brand new pillow will spring back to its original form before you even let go fully. A tired, dead pillow will stay folded. Never wait for your pillows to die all the way before replacing.

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