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Diet for a Pregnant Mother - 7 Morning Sickness Tips

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 123

Nausea and vomiting is an expected reaction in the first three months or trimester of a pregnant mother. This is what we commonly refer to as the dreaded "Morning Sickness" of "Pregnancy Sickness." It is said to be related to a number of reasons but the exact cause for it is still not known. It has been linked to the hormonal changes that develop in pregnant women, the decrease blood sugar due to your baby's own development, your increased liver enzymes and many other theories. Although not everyone experiences it to the same degrees or at all, it is generally viewed as a normal occurrence. Thus, it is also often represented in television as an early sign of pregnancy.

Because of this, many try to brush it off as a small problem. However, for the pregnant mothers who are experiencing it, it is a great discomfort. No one really likes to feel like rushing to the nearest sink or toilet every morning or even several times a day. It is often disruptive of your normal daily activities. Plus, it can ruin anybody's appetite especially during breakfast, which we all know to be the most important meal of the day. Also, when you vomit, you tend to lose a portion of the food you ate, thus taking some of its nutritional value along with it. It not only diminishes the nutrients your body ultimately absorbs but it can also derail the fluid balance of your body if your case becomes severe.

We can see then, how persistent nausea and vomiting can have a great impact on the diet of a pregnant mother. That is why, it is important for a pregnant mother who has morning sickness to learn of ways to manage or control her situation. You do not have to be a willing victim when it comes to morning sickness just because it is considered natural. However, before you resort to medications like antacids, be warned that frequent use of it could also ruin the acidity levels in your body. Be informed that there are actually a number of easy and effective home remedies to your problem.

Here are a few ways so that you can control your morning sickness and in effect, your own diet as well:

Eat lighter meals. Eating heavy meals increases your nausea and worsens chances of vomiting.Instead of eating 3 heavy meals a day, eat 6 small meals.Lessen the water your drink during your meals to avoid the feeling of being too full.Delay your meals until the feeling of nausea from waking up is gone. Eat light sacks before you go to bed at night though so that you do not become too hungry in the morning.Avoid sudden movements or anxiety.Eat dry crackers or toast right when you wake up n the morning.Avoid strong odors.

These are only a few of the ways for pregnant mothers to control their morning sickness and preserve their pregnancy diet in the process. After all, one of the main concerns of a pregnant mother is her proper diet and nutrition. Proper management of nausea and vomiting will allow you to stick to your diet and keep you on your track to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Arnold Basken is a pregnancy diet expert. For more great tips on diet for pregnant mother and an absolutely free ten-part email mini-course to a happy and healthy pregnancy, visit

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