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PR and Its Role in Modern Marketing

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 267

PR is something many people who work in marketing and journalism claim to have experience of, and an occupation that many other people claim to be very involved in. But to the unconverted, PR can seem a little difficult to understand, after all what does it do? What is it for? And what is the difference between good and bad PR?

In simple terms, PR stands for public relations and its designed to delivery a very specific message to a very specific audience. For example, if a company has launched an exciting new product, or has opened up new premises, then traditional advertising might not be suitable. However, creating a PR campaign and targeting the appropriate people, such as news outlets, newspapers, websites and freelance journalists can help generate a lot of interest in and publicity of a new venture. This is because companies, journalists and publications are always looking for stories to write about, and if a PR is newsworthy enough, or if its sent to the right niche publications, then it may well fit in with the type of stories that that publication is wanting to right.

Once people are interested in a PR, then there are a number of things that they can do, including writing a story about the news in the PR, republishing the PR, or even lending extra space to the launch of the new product or the launch of the new premises, by visiting the appropriate site, such as the location of the company and interviewing someone of importance, such as the MD of the company or another high-level employee.

PR can be extremely useful for businesses of all sizes, types and backgrounds, and every company, from the big corporations to the smaller, more independent businesses have looked into PR at one point as part of an advertising campaign. However, while some companies, namely the rather large, multinational corporations can afford to spend a lot of money on PR companies, the smaller ones tend to turn to smaller PR companies and independent PR consultants. Having some help with a PR company, such as getting advice on the tone of a PR, the word count, who to send the PR to and when is very beneficial to any professional business.

PR is a highly beneficial and very specialised form of marketing that can bring immediate results to any company, regardless of their size, location and products. And creating a PR campaign for your own company can actually be very easy; depending on your resources, such as manpower, initiative and costs. But if you have the money, hiring a local PR company or even a national PR company can be a great addition to any existing marketing campaign. So if you're in the UK, start looking for PR company UK online, and see where your search takes you - it could just lead to great things, such as more exposure and more customers for your company.

Harvey McEwan writes to offer information and advice on a variety of areas, from technology to holiday destinations. Read through Harvey's other articles here to find out more.

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