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How Women After Divorce Survive Special Memorable Days

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

You are alone like many Women after divorce and now, on these special memorable days, everybody else you know is in your mind doing something exciting with somebody they love, all except you.

The "normal noise", even all the unpleasant ones, is not there and somehow it makes you terribly depressed.

You have that restless feeling that just won't leave no matter what you do.

You try to watch some TV you normally like but it doesn't catch your interest, you clean something and at least see some kind of result, but it is not enough, then pick up a magazine, put it down again, looking at some bills doesn't help either. The feeling of having to do some activity with someone is there and the idea of feeling terribly sorry for yourself is sneaking up on you and you may be thinking "how do I survive this?".

Stop now!

Take a couple of very deep breaths now and think.

# You got divorced, yes!

# Your social level is diminished, yes!

# Your income is diminished and you may have deep economic trouble, yes!

# Some of your friends have disappeared and turned out not to be friends, yes!


That's life, in different ways it happens to everybody, and great you found out all these things now and not later in life.

No matter how big a jackass you now think your former spouse is, done is done and there is no way back, this door is closed.

You must have had good times, after all you got married, so think of those good times and let those tears out, probably because you feel hurt, wish things were different and miss the good times. However history is history and recreating it never works, we know that from experience. So smile and enjoy, and add those good feelings ignited by memory to your surroundings now, this moment. Fix yourself up a little, smile an extra big smile a couple of times, even if it is difficult and take a long walk. While you walk notice all the pretty things you see, feel the good in the air, watch the sky and enjoy, little by little you feel lighter and the smile comes out naturally. People you meet on your way might even smile back at you so you find out that life being alone is not bad, it actually has a lot of possibilities. You now have a possibility of meeting someone who really appreciates you as you are with what you also have learned from going through the divorce.

You now can create an added fresh social life. This does not happen from one day to the other and requires activity from you, but it will happen if you want it.

Your social level can become more satisfying, different and much better than before and the friends that turned their back on you are anyhow not interesting for you any more.

Income to satisfy the lifestyle you want is for most women after divorce the harder part and also a necessary part to really work on, but it all ties in together.

On this special memorable day let yourself indulge in something your really love to do and maybe could not do when you were married.

Do what you love and love what you do. This is what women after divorce like you can do because you are strong, stronger than you think.

Close one door and open a thousand new.

Pia Balling Women's Online Business.

It is a passion of the founder of WomensOnlineBusiness Pia Balling with her knowledge and life-experience to help Third Millennium Women, especially with one income, to use their strengths and passions to transform their life and get the lifestyle they dream about with economic freedom. You can find more about Pia here.

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