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Understand Why And How To Program Your Mind

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 113

For you to understand why and how to program your mind can take a long time and a true and honest interest in the subject. When I first started to explore I remember watching a program where they were interviewing a woman suffering from amnesia.

She had been involved in a car accident recently, and ever since that event she couldn't remember anything. Although she knew how to speak and how to write, interact and behave correctly, her personal story was completely erased from her head.

She had a family, husband, children, a great business, a beautiful home and was lucky enough to enjoy financial abundance and freedom. But she couldn't remember any of that. She had to start from zero.In the interview she seemed fearless. It was her family who was carrying all the drama, desperation and sadness. She looked attentive to their words and also kept curiously looking at old pictures of herself and her family and friends. Her attitude was of wonders rather than sadness.

She seemed in complete peace. I remember I thought how lucky she was. She had the opportunity to fill her mind with any information; the trash had already been thrown out of her. And here I was trying to fix my database.

That was the first time that I understood that in order to reprogram my mind I had to take out the entire toxic waste first, and only then I could bring all the new positive concepts in. There was no point sweeping the dust under the carpet.

So there began my journey. But what was the first step. My frustrations ended up taking me to one of the best experiences of my life; which was trying to find out what was the nature of my mind. Where was my mind located, how did it work and what was it exactly.

I needed to know this first, otherwise how could I reach its programming. Well, the task was larger than imagined, but so was the reward. I'm not going to take too technical on this. I rather keep it simple and clear. In order to clean your own mind you need to see the false ideas that you have, as false. But not only conceptually, I mean really understand their stupidity.

Only this way, you will be able to let it go forever. Like an addict that can't stop smoking. He knows that he should stop and he knows about the damage he is doing to his health. But unless he really sees it as a true and solid reality, he won't quit. The moment he truly gets it, we will never smoke again.

Imagine that every day you had to walk in the forest during the night, and each day you pass by you have to avoid a big rock because one time you saw a snake on top of it, and it's always right there waiting for a pray to pass near. But you wisely stay away. You could climb to check just to be sure if it's still there, it might probably be gone already, or maybe it wasn't a snake at all what you saw that night. But you don't want to risk it.

Then one day you walk the same path but this time it is during the day; once you pass the rock, you realize that it wasn't a snake, it was just a piece of a garden hose. It was a false belief. That's the kind of realization that I'm talking about; seeing what is false as false. Once you've achieved this with your own ideas, then you can start working with affirmations and new beliefs. Now you can truly program your mind.

If you are a true explorer of the human mind and have suffered and struggled for many years trying to grasp and understand the nature of its structure, you will be amazed of how simple it is once you hear a clear explanation. It's actually our own mind that loves to complicate things by over analyzing everything. Keep it simple and you will start to get it.

It can be really easy to feel intimidated when we hear or read about how to Program Your Mind, but like I said, you don't need to be a genius to figure out the nature of your own mind. Just stop and watch your own thinking patterns, be aware and don't lose focus. If you continue to do this, you will be amazed.

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