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There Is Potential in Problems

July 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 145

"Most people see what is, and never see what can be."-Albert Einstein

A shoe manufacturer who decided to open a new market sent two salesmen to the undeveloped territory. One salesman cabled back: "Prospect here nil. No one wears shoes." The other salesman reported enthusiastically, "Market potential terrific! Everyone is barefooted." Look at the potential not the problems. Looking is not enough; take it a step further by having the right perception. Every problem presents an opportunity for your progress. God will not just allow you to be put in the 'lion's den' if your testimony is not connected to it. Daniel was thrown in the lion's den and he became friends with the lions in there. Listen friend, this was odd. It is not common for man to be friends with a lion, they are always enemies but the reverse is the case here because Daniel honored God more than his fear for the mean men who influenced the king's decree. God proved himself in his life. Don't see problems as they are. See them as a challenge, as an exam you have to pass for you to get to the next level in life. People sink in their problems but let yours be a spring-board to a new height of accomplishment. Can you imagine Daniel becoming friends with the lion? When you are at peace with God, it will make what is impossible and unnatural to happen in and through you. You have to see things differently from the crowd if you must be your very best.

Problems present you with two options, to either accept the defeat or to tackle the situation headlong until you are assured of a positive change. Also understand that you cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of mindset that created the problem in the first place. Take responsibility for the situation you find yourself. Don't pass blames. The earlier you take ownership of the situation, the better and easier it will be for you to solve the problem. Don't be pushed by your problems; rather be led by your dreams. It is not because things are tough that we do not make any effort, it is because we do not make any efforts that's why things are tough. There is no problem that is too big and there is none without a solution. In between problems there is always a lesson to learn which does not just end with the solution. A great lesson is in the strength we derive as we seek for the solution. Be careful who you share your problems with, a large number of people don't really care and some are even glad you have problems. While letting God have His place in the situation, you also need to take a step in searching out the solution. Problems toughen and make us strong. If you don't understand the problem, then the solution will be difficult to find. Usually, the answer you are looking for is locked in the problem.

When you develop a mindset that always see potentials where others see problems then you will be ahead of the rest of the world. Many breakthroughs that have been recorded in history were born as a result of men who saw the potentials in a problem. Focus on your potentials instead of your limitations and you will experience the joy of fulfillment. Sometimes you do not know how great you can become until you get started. Every day, people settle for less than what they can potentially achieve because they believe that's what life has to offer them. The difference between where you are and where you should be is your unexploited potentials. Always shoot higher; there is still room at the top. Aim to be better than yourself first before you think of being better than others. That potential will not always be there, it has got a time frame, make the best use of it now. Don't limit yourself to what is just possible or reasonable, that is not potential. Potential is what you can achieve but you have not started out yet. There is yet a lot of untapped potential in this world, man has only used a fraction of his brain capacity and no matter your ability there is still something higher to be achieved.

You need power to unleash your potentials and prayer is the key to unlocking this inner power. God has all you need for you to be the best that you can and when you come to the Lord in prayers it means you are turning it over to Him and asking Him to take over from you. There is always a release of grace when we come to the Lord. He opens our eyes and minds and gives us an insight into His deep mysteries. Where else do you want to find help and grace if not at His feet. No matter the difficulty you may be facing, prayer is the solution. No matter how complicated the situation is, there is a solution in the place of prayer and don't get me wrong, you also need to take action based on what has been made known to you. Prayer opens up your mind for God's inspired ideas to drop in as a seed. Thus, in your journey to living your potential, you need God to make it happen. God bless you.

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