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Shed Some Light on the Meaning of Colors

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

You don't need to understand the meaning of colors to know that everyone needs light in their lives for health and growth. The energy of the sun and the warmth of a log fire in a damp cave are examples of the way light can energize a person and make things seem better. Recent studies on the absence of daylight or sun have led to greater understanding of the psychological effects of light. We make decisions about light every day that affect our energy levels. Color is nothing but light travelling at different speeds. By being more aware of the energy each color of light represents you can influence more than your ability to look fashionable.

When you're stuck in a store and wondering which color scarf to buy you'll probably find yourself inexplicably drawn to one color or the other sooner or later. Something about the one you choose will just feel right. It's possible that days or weeks later you might change your mind and cast it aside never to wear it again. In the moment that you make that decision, however, that's the color that's right for you.

What draws you to a color in the first place? All color is a source of energy. It resonates at a frequency that works subconsciously. The colors that seem most attractive are the ones that resonate most strongly with what you need at that time. If this sounds a bit strange, consider this.

A blind friend of mine received a didgeridoo as a present one birthday. It was decorated with panels of various colors. He loves musical instruments so his family left him alone to experiment with it. When they returned they found that he'd scratched off all the red panels on the didgeridoo. Because he was blind his family assumed it was a coincidence that he'd managed to choose all the red panels. They asked him why he'd done it. He said that he didn't like that color!

This was a confident young man who felt happy within the security of his family unit. His bravery was evident every time he faced the world without sight. The last thing he needed in his life was the things that red represents: bravery, security, a sense of family and feeling at home.

When you do want a certain color in your life it's because it will attract something to you or change your attitude toward something that's bothering you. Orange, for example, is associated with money, amongst other things. Bringing an abundance of orange into your life will change your attitude towards money for the better so that if you invest enough positive emotion in it you may even attract more of it to you. I'm not suggesting that money is the primary aim, but plenty of people have hang ups about earning it.

Knowing how colors affect you is a pretty handy skill to have. Imagine how different it would be if changing your circumstances, materially and emotionally, was as simple as introducing more color into your life?

This is just a snapshot of some of the colors with healing properties that can have a positive effect on your life, discussed further at They interest me because of their connection with the chakras and the positive energy they can create. My work with music and healing is intrinsically linked with frequencies and resonance, which is demonstrated by the connection between Tibetan singing bowls and the colors of the chakras. I hope you'll find time to experiment with bringing more color into your life.

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