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How to Spread Laughter

April 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 171

Many scientists now agree that laughter is the best way to reduce, and in some cause prevent, certain types of chronic disease. The action of laughter has a therapeutic effect on the whole body releasing natural endorphins that relax and give the body a feeling of ease. Laughter in many ways contributes to the reduction of stress illness such as high blood pressure, stroke, migraine headaches and certain types of cancers plus many more.

It's a known fact that persons who laugh on a regular basis daily are better equipped to deal with the daily challenges that life throws at them and they are better able to resist illness such as cold and flu. When you laugh, you release the pent up energies inside the body. As the saying goes, laughter is like unwinding. Many people who do not laugh are considered uptight and hard to deal with. In fact those persons tend to find it difficult to make friends as most people are unsure how to approach them. A person that has a smiling face many times will be approached by just about anyone. They are better equipped to have long and meaningful conversations and solve problems easily.

The opposite of this type of person creates problems even where they do not exist. Laughter on so many levels will heal relationships, strengthen bonds, and promote happiness during very sad periods. So how does one in essence go around spreading laughter and joy.

Well it's simple. First you need to know how to laugh at yourself. You cannot be an uptight individual. When someone cracks a joke, even if you do not find it funny, smile and give your comeback. Jokes that are rude and based off the unfortunate happenings of other people and creatures in reality should not be laughed at as they come from another being pain.

Find positive people and stick with them. This is one of the surest ways of spreading laughter. If you are around people that are happy, you will become happy. After all happiness is contagious and spreads like wild fire. Avoid people that are overly negative and look on life in a negative way. These individuals are natural spirit killers. If they can't see the happiness in a joke then they will never see the happiness in you. People who dwell too much in the past and keep reliving mistakes and hurt have not truly overcome will never be able to laugh meaningfully.

Forgiveness is one of the best ways to spread joy and laughter. When you have forgiven someone, your heart becomes light and you can begin to see the happiness and love that is all around you in all its shapes and forms. You can hear the birds and smell the flowers. You will begin to appreciate life and what it has to offer both the good and the not so good. Spreading forgiveness is just like spreading laughter, both work hand in hand.

Make a conscious effort to find the things people and places that are positive around you. Because life at times is full of many disappointments, most people naturally develop a negative attitude towards life and in turn toward people without them even knowing it. By consciously seeking out that which is positive you are in a way taking a stand against the negative energies that pervade society. Search for organisations that spread joy, visit places that make you laugh and fill your environment with the things that promote laughter. This way when times become difficult to laugh, you will have these things as a constant reminder of your joyful soul.

Love overcomes a multitude of unskilled actions. Persons who know how to love will look past most actions that breed animosity. This single truth will have laughing from day one and spreading laughter. Many persons wonder why it is that some people overcome the most adverse disappointments and bounce right back stronger than before. Well it's simple-these persons are masters at loving so they are masters at spreading joy and happiness. Learning to love is part unconscious and part conscious. It requires your involvement.

Spreading laughter is not as difficult as you think. A kind word, a smile on your face, a visit to someone that's lonely, goes a long way in spreading laughter. We all have situations to face good and bad. If you just make a little effort at times, the butterfly effect will happen. You will spread joy and you will spread laughter. A kind, soft word dispels anger but grievous words increase wrath.

Last but not least, in your quest of spreading joy and laughter think not of your self but of other. Before you do and say something, weigh carefully the effects of such words. Think about how the person will respond to your statement. You do not want to create a case where you are adding to the problem. Laughter comes naturally for many but for some it takes a conscious effort. If you have to be around individuals that do not laugh easily, take notice of them. See what they respond to and work around their short comings to tickle them mentally and physically. If they will allow it, play with them to get them in the mood for a bit of laughter. Laughter is one of the greatest gifts that mankind has so make use of it.

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