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Did You Get Knocked Down? Get Back UP!

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

Did you get knocked down? Get back UP!

"People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things." -Sir Edmund Hilary

Every week I get dozens of emails and comments from people asking for help, guidance or just a little push to keep charging. Generally they ask, "how do you get back up after a business failure, a personal failure or a relationship failure?"

The good news is that we all suffer from failures and we all suffer from setbacks. I have made some major mistakes in my life and the lessons I learned from those mistakes have made my business and personal life better. The one key thing to remember is that setbacks are actually the stepping stones to success. You cannot have success without a trail of failure in your rear view mirror. People that try new things, start new businesses, and try to expand their world must face failures. It is during the failures that we learn to succeed.

"Success is never permanent and failure is never final." -Mike Ditka

All companies, CEO's and business leaders go through major failures and setbacks. They realize their business and life is a series of peaks and valleys. While you are rising to the peak of one success you are normally making the mistakes that will take you to the next valley. While you are in the valley, you will have time to review your mistakes and make better choices in the future to start climbing to the next bigger and better peak.

If you are facing failure, or have met with recent personal, financial or business setbacks you need to get back up and start charging again. Find the positive lesson and start charging back up the hill.

"The wisest person is not the one who has the fewest failures, but the one who turns failures to the best account" Richard Grant

Here are three things to do today if your facing defeat and need to get back on the charge:

1. Change your perception- It's probably not as bad as you think and it most likely isn't the end of the world. The worst failure can lead to the greatest opportunities.

2. Believe in yourself- Because you have failed or suffered a setback does not make you a bad person or a failure. The most successful people in the world fail everyday. They just get back up and charge again.

3. Find the positive- Every setback holds new possibilities. As one business, relationship, or career ends another better one can be right in front of you. Do not spend time blaming yourself and others. Seek the valuable lesson and use your new knowledge to make your future better.

Remember, all successful people have setbacks. Charge harder and faster sooner after they experience a setback. The people that inspire me the most are the ones that got knocked down and then came back stronger and better!

Charge! Dave

Dave Magrogan is the CEO of Kildare's Irish Pubs, Doc Magrogan's Oyster House, Two Men and a Truck Moving Company, and Rhino Living Consulting and Training Group. By clearing the mental clutter, using his subconscious mind, applying the "Laws of the Jungle" and setting big, audacious "Rhino" goals, he has built a 20 million dollar empire in just a few short years! Visit the Rhino Living web page at to find out how Rhino Living can help you!

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