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A Time to Say Goodbye

April 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

Here's a moment of truth. When was the last time you said goodbye to someone? No one likes to say goodbye. Perhaps only saying it to our enemies will be the only reason. Yet many a times we have to let this word out of our mouth whether we like it or not. As mentioned, saying goodbye to people whom you hated or simply out of formality is easy. Think again. How many of us do actually have a second chance to say bye again? What if, that was the final goodbye? You'll never know.

Bidding farewell to someone whom means a lot to you is both a tormenting and distressing experience. You feel the pain. Letting go is probably one of the best thing to do. But it can be one of the hardest barriers to overcome. To make matters worse, you thought you had forgotten all about it. Do you only remember the pain and woes that your heart brings? Perhaps your memories will continue to haunt till the day your heart is able to forget the miseries and pain.

On the contrary, surprising things you can do such as regression helps to minimise the negative impact of separation.Explore endless possibilities by engaging actively in conversations with your friends and families. Speak your mind. But do have some patience and expect disappointments in the first stages. You just have to wait for the good things in life. This is the practical aspect we all have to face up to.

Bear in mind there are simply times we just have to let go. When all attempts to savage reconciliation are futile and hope is lost. You realised there is nothing more you can do. Saying goodbye probably is the best thing you can ever do to save yourself from sinking into depression. Most probably you are doing your love ones a good deed as well. You never know.

If you feel you are on the losing end by letting go, fear not. Factually speaking, those who learnt how to say goodbye appropriately earns the more respect from others. Remember, letting go takes lots of courage to muster. The good news is, once you have successfully mastered the skill, you find it hard to forget. Dealing with farewell and goodbye can be one of the toughest things ever.

Humans under the direct influence of modern civilisation handle relationships differently from the ancient times. Yet, we are still able to see many traits in common. Reason being Man has never stopped to love since his existence. Thus love transcends beyond time and ages along with Man himself. Yet the goodness of the human heart has perfected itself for many more years to come. The demand for a near perfect human relationship is almost impossible. We cannot stop or delay death and separation. But we can always do our very best to bid our best goodbye and farewell, even if it means a final time. This is one of the greatest devotion Man can ever give.

Being a locally breed and born Singaporean, Candace enjoys writing, cooking and taking short walks about Bukit Timah Nature Reserves. Aspire to be a great nurse in future and looking forward to give her very best in both sunny and rainy days.

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