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Is It Better To Order Your Medifast Meals Separately Or Should You Go With A Package?

February 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 209

Recently, I heard from someone who asked me if buying the Medifast variety package was the cheapest way to place an order. She had considered buying her preferred meals separately, but she wanted to place in order in the cheapest manner possible. To address her concerns, I'll breakdown the cost of the most popular Medifast package and compare that with the price of ordering similar meals separately.

As of this writing, Medifast offers three variety packages for women: the women's four week, the women's enhanced, and the women's two week. Since the 4 week is the most popular, we will look at that. The list price of this package is currently $315.00 for 143 meals. Note that this is before coupons, but I will figure those into the equation very shortly. The cost per meal here is around $2.20. However, you should never place any order without using coupons. I'd estimate that most coupons will save you over $50. (This varies and sometimes you save more, but let's just use $50 to be conservative.) If you take off $50, you're looking at around $1.85 per meal.

Now, let's look at the cost of some popular individual items. You can get a box of 7 shakes for $16.50 which works out to be about $2.35 per meal. The bars are priced in exactly the same way. In fact, the same is true for the eggs, the oatmeal, the pancakes, the soups, the sloppy joes, the brownies, the ice cream, and any of the other snacks. So let's say you were ordering the same amount of meals as in the package (143.) At $2.35 per meal, you'd pay $336.05. Calculating the figures above, you're looking at around a $71 dollar difference by ordering the package. Now, please keep in mind that the coupons and specials change, but I'm trying to give you a general idea.

The reason that some people will order individual items is because they want extras of some items that they really like. Or because they like some meals so much that they eat those almost exclusively. My practice has always been to take advantage of the pricing of the package and then to order extras of my favorites individually. In my mind, this combines the best of both worlds. And to me, getting a package makes a lot of sense for your first order because you get a sampling of popular items. This gives you the ability to try a lot of different meals as well as different flavors to determine which are your favorites.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that if you use coupons, the variety package usually does work out to be a little cheaper. I find it to be a great way to take advantage of bulk pricing and then I load up on the individual items that I particularly like.

Want more tips for getting started on and saving money with Medifast? Lindsey is the author of the free eBook "Getting The Most Out Of Medifast," which includes coupons and discounts, a list of all of the food options (including the shakes,) detailed information about the diet and how it works, it's pros and cons, having success on it, and recipes for it. To get a free copy (immediate download/no information required), click here. You can also visit her diet review website to read it at

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