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Trip To The Store

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

He asked: "Would you mind going to the store?" I quickly replied: "I can't. Why don't you go?" "Me?" he didn't like the suggestion. "Why don't you go?" This was his question.

I nicely replied "I can't, I've got some things to do." He became impatient: "The one going to the store will be you." I was surprised and his sentence made me really, really mad. But I managed to keep my cool: "Why don't you go instead?"

"I am doing something really important. Work-related." I knew he lied, though I noticed that for a second he hesitated. I said to him determined not to go: "Well I too, have some cooking to do." And continued: "So, I guess the one going to the store will be you."

I wasn't cooking anything and he knew that, which is why he did say: "Honey, what are we having for lunch today?" I replied: "We're having what you have brought from the store." "Which is nothing, so there is no point in asking if you'd like some more?"

"Well, you might as well ask me that. Do feel free. To tell you, I was not hungry before." He continued: "But now, I'll have lunch while you get back from the store." "There is no lunch, I lied." It was high time I admitted the truth. "And even if I did cook something, I would not serve that to you."

"I am better off without your lunch, the last time you cooked I was in despair." "Is he insane?" I said it to me myself. "You better don't go there!" "I will go there, as you put me in despair." He inhaled some air. "I waited for five hours until the lunch was prepared!"

I was furious. "This is not the kind of anger you want on yourself my dear." I cooled down. "The next time I prepare something for you will be next year." "Well, you won't have to put a lot of effort then." "The lunch is obviously going as you have planned."

All of a sudden we both burst into laughter.

He thought all of this was funny and I too found some humor in what we both said, This is why we agreed we stopped talking to each other as if we were really mad. "We won't have coffee then." We agreed not to fight over this anymore. And in the evening we went together to buy some coffee from the far-away store.

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