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The White City, Invisible Kiss, and A Poem For Julio

June 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

The White City

I'm in the white city.

A dense fog

Disintegrates all my hopes.

There are people dreaming

Of nonexistent worlds,

There are disoriented people

Walking on the terminal's sidewalk.

There are lights turning on and off so erratically

In this white city.

There are hidden screams in the night

Covered by the heavy rain sounds,

That rain falling continuously

And monotonously.

In this white city,

The victims

Don't understand that they are victims yet.

There are flowers,

There are fast food kiosks,

There are botanical gardens,

With beautiful exotic trees,

And there are horror movies in the theaters.

As shadows emerging from the fog

Are the lost steps.

There are steps searching each other,

And there are steps that are separated forever.

The rain's sounds

Vibrate the eye of the windows,

Vibrate the burial stones,

Vibrate the dreams,

Those dreams

About better days.


Someone screams

In the white mist of the night.

Maybe he's the victim of an aggression,

Or maybe he's someone, who has lost his love.

Maybe it's just an echo...

I'm in the white city

And I'm searching for you in the darkness...

Invisible Kiss

You may touch me.

I can wait something to happen.

In fact, I know that nothing will happen,

Even we love each other so much.

You may want to kiss me again,

While you are touching me,

After so many years.

I can wait something to happen,

But, I'm afraid that

This invisible kiss is all we deserve,

Nothing else.

Maybe we need to make love


Or maybe we don't need anything.

Certainly, we need to eat together.

We can eat this long wait

Instead of making love,

When everything seems to go crazily.

A Poem For Julio

Perhaps we are ´´parte de tus sueños'' (part of your dreams)

And something is calling for you,

But, certainly, you are one of everyone's dreams

And that beautiful melancholy of yours

Is a source of sounds deeply touching, inspiring, magical,

For life'' and for '' El Amor'' (love)

Remaining inside all of us.

A divine vibration is healing the deep wounds

In a dance of sung irresistible words,

Which may recreate your image

In our minds and souls,

Especially, when we want to ''Passar Di Mano'' (pass a hand) feeling.

Wind, apparently, dissolved the melodious words

In the rustle of leaves, in the sound of rain applause,

In those ''Momenti '' (moments) of ''Me olvid de vivir'' (I forgot to live)

And in the rain drops falling on the leaves

And falling over our faces to mix with our tears,

When you start to sing ''Por el amor de una mujer'' (the love for a woman)

Wanting to tell her ''Abrazame''(embrace me)

Your dreams become sad pieces of quasars,

To disappear in the cosmic symphony

And in a dazzling play of colors.

Our bodies begin to move harmoniously,

The fairy moonlight gives a shine to our eyes.

We begin to hear a crescendo sound in the instruments,

Apparently without limits,

For ''Baila Morena'' and for '' Boleros''.


The loneliness is hiding in your own shadow,

Allowing the silence to speak.

Source: EzineArticles
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