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The Tragedy of Life (Poem)

May 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 101

A Monday Message offered willingly, A gift for all to see. It surely does strike home, my friend, Especially for me. I listed first all things thus lost By those with eyes o'er-glazed, Those subtle sweet and special parts Of folks who are not crazed. Crazed, and empty of Harmony For Power is their base... Power, greed and hatred Written starkly across each face.

But what of joy, a love of life, Compassion and care for others? What of beauty, a shining vision, Those dreams as yet not smothered? For... having lost all vestiges Of what we may call soul... The death of all that is good in life Does surely take its toll Not only on the empty ones Whose eyes reflect a blank But also on those caring ones To whom I offer thanks.

Thanks... for being willing To share their bless'ed life With others who perhaps have need To emerge from chaotic strife. Thanks... for taking personal risk To stand for what must change, To protest alone or as a group Against the far-reaching range Of greed and exploitation Which motivates those who claim That they are deemed to wield control... The crazed against the sane.

A living death which spreads its stain 'Cross continents and seas, A heartlessness so prominent It destroys as it does squeeze The very breath of life from men And women and children dear, Through threat and violence and controlling ways Inflicting harm and fear. We, as One throughout the World, Care deeply for one another. Each one of us stands side by side As sister and as brother.

We protest then to those who would Destroy those gifts God-given... Compassion, joy, a love of life Upon Earth, each Man's own heaven. Why would a handful of the walking dead Spread this evil stain so far? Why, should We, as One on Earth, Allow this blight to mar The harmony of life as it has been known An can be known again. I stand with those... my brothers... My loved ones and my friends.

Inspired by the Universe and by Buddha and Friends...

Some questions for the reader:

Comprehension Question: In your own words, what is the tragedy of life?

Personal Response Questions: Are you willing to make a stand against those who hurt not only you but also others? In what way, such that you contribute to the harmony and joy of life?

Diana Hunter McGuerty has been a teacher for over 35 years and a lifetime poet. Diana's first published poetry book is titled Many Shades of Light: Reflections in Poetry Diana's poetry book and other poetry can be found at: Diana Hunter McGuerty's education plan can be found at:

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