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The Heart of The Sun Poem

February 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

This beautiful, descriptive poem discusses the idea that all the energy in our bodies originated from the sun. We get this 'Sun' energy through the plants we eat, or we get it through the animals which we eat which had fed on plants that grew from the energy of the sun. This very idea that is behind the practice of 'Sun Worship' which has been practiced in some way by every culture since the beginning of time. This poem captures the transition of some of the Sun's energy, beginning as a beam of light exploding from the Heart of The Sun, follows it on its journey to the earth, and ends with the premise that the light in a little girl's eyes here on earth, is still a piece of the Heart of The Sun.

Ejected from the blazing heart of the Sun, As a burst of energy to the surface Then as beam of powerful, intense light left on a journey to the far reaches of outer space

After millions of miles at incredible speed Through the Earth's atmosphere, I slammed into a tree. I was absorbed into its body and became a tender flower Of such scent and beauty, I attracted a little bee.

It buzzed and danced on my fragrant petals Then all my precious nectar it slurped in glee. And left it's tiny, dusty, footprints all over That started some bizarre changes in me.

Tender petals shriveled and dropped off And from my stem I grew big and round. I turned red, soft, and sugary sweetThen the rain and winds knocked me to the ground.

The soothing rains stopped and after a while A pretty little girl came wandering by. Saw me inviting and plump and scooped me up So very happy she almost started to cry.

She wiped me with soft, dainty little hands Then sat against the trunk of my parent tree Smiling, she eyed me over one last time Then proceeded to eat me delightfully

Now as a part of her body In her blood, I flowed through her veins. Then took up residence inside her head As a part of her amazing little brain

Now a spark of energy in her life So far from where my journey had begun. Here on Earth, as the Light in a Little Girl's eyes I am still a piece of The Heart of the Sun.

I endeavor to put my thoughts into words which, in some way will uplift, inspire and encourage the philosopher and the poet within each of us. In this journey of life, each of us experience our experiences in our own unique way and plays our thoughts to our own music. May we all listen to the whispering poet within ourselves and be motivated to find the time to set it free, and as we do, discover our own truths within.

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