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Give Me A Kiss - A Love Poem

July 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 181

Give Me A Kiss my Sweet Darling, for ever since You and I met I have been wanting to touch your sweet lips with my lips under a Mistletoe. And so I write a love poem for you, just so I could melt your heart, and then heat up your emotions so you could go ahead and give me a kiss. Oh my Love Teddy Bear, your lips are so amazing, and the soft kisses that you plant on my body force me to keep on falling in love with you.

Your kisses are my daily living, your wonderful lips are my dreams come true. And your desire to touch my lips have carried me to the threshold of pure ecstasy, and now I am flabbergasted by this amazing love. Yes give me a kiss my perfect love, yes make my heart melt my passion, yes give me titillating orgasms with just your lips and with just your timely tenderness. Oh My Sweet Love, let us play beautiful music together, let us make the Angels commit sins by envying the sweet kisses that we share, and let even God be nosy and stoop down to see how wonderful your kisses are.

Give me a kiss at the steps of destiny, give me a kiss at the corridor of amazing love, and give me a kiss as we lay the foundation to build our house of love. Do not be shy Baby, do not be timid oh charming one, and do not be slow in extending your sweet lips out and planting a kiss on mine. Give me, give me, and don't stop. Even if I pretend I want you to.

Kissing me is the right thing to do, even if it were the wrong thing to even think about. And when I itch to kiss you, it is only fitting that I scratch it by touching your lips. For you are all I have, you are all I have ever wanted, and you are all that anyone should ever want to be around. Since you are so amazing, since you are so giving and so kind to my lips, so wonderful to each of my body parts by planting soft gentle kisses upon each one.

And if there is one in all the world who can kiss like you, who has the mouth that is shaped for a kiss, and who is perfect to plant a sweet kiss on my lips, then let that person stands up and speak, or be challenged. For you are the Apple Of My Eyes, you my love are the Kisser who has no equal, and you are the only person who could make me lose powerful and precious fluids from between my thighs, with just one soft sweet kiss. You are the love whom I dedicate my life to, just for one perfect kiss, and you are the Soul Mate who was created just for me and my lips... To Kiss That Is.

A Love Poem just for you... S0 g0 ahead and give me a kiss, for I am not afraid of the explosion that will take place within my organs, and cause me to have a mind shattering orgasm. Yes my love, I am not afraid to receive your sweet kiss, I am never afraid to receive the gift of touching your blossoming lips, and I will go to my grave smiling, knowing that I was bless to have received a kiss from You. So I am not afraid, so I am not ashamed, so I am not embarrassed, and so I am not timid to say: I Love You my One and All. And I am so proud that you have chosen to give me a kiss.

Authored by: Dr. James Dazouloute

For more Beautiful Poems like this one, then be sure to visit my site: Where you will be able to enjoy all the best poems about all aspects of life, so you could gain new insights and grow as a person.

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