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Clod and the Pebble and The Tyger

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

The "Clod and the Pebble" by William Blake is on how we experience love. It is commendable of how the writer has put something so intricate and complex in just a short poem. The Clod of clay and the pebble are representing two phases of love. The Clod in the poem is the resilient form of love who doesn't care for itself but only of the beloved "Nor for itself hath any care, But for another gives its ease". On the other hand the pebble show the more experienced or say a hardened phase that follows mostly after the clod's phase. For the pebble it about selfishness "Love seeketh only Self to please".

The clod is the representation of the innocence that comes with loves, the hope and high self-esteem that is there when you first fall in love or as that seen in children. The clod has that unnerving will to go on. The clod is trodden with the cattle's feet and yet the clod wishes to please others and sacrifice itself. The clod, even in harsh times or situation sticks to providing comfort to others. The pebble that is from the brook is the experienced side of love. It is hard unlike the clod, it is not self-sacrificing, and rather it is more content on fulfilling its own needs much as how we behave as we become adults. The adults are hardened by the experiences they go through and build walls to protect them and mostly always put themselves before anything just like the pebble in the poem. As the human soul matures it gets tainted and protects itself.

The speaking of the clod first and the pebble later is significant as everyone starts with being a clod till they have been trodden upon so much that they turn into stone and hence pebble is the second to speak. The clod is the form of the first love that many people experience at some point in their lives and they are exactly as Blake has portrayed, they will always put the beloved in front of everything and never regard themselves. They are content with hearing lies even "and builds a heaven in hells despair". They are but snugly clods of clay who later turn into stones as their experience hardens them. Also it can be seen that Blake is questioning that is it the situations that causes us to be what we are or we are like this from the beginning.

The Tyger by William Blake is also from the songs of experience and it is about the technicalities and complexity of our world which by experience are appreciated and at times not understood. He has emphasized on the creator of things. For the creation reflects the creator, Blake is questioning the traits of God. He is saying if it is really God who created the innocent lamb and now it is he who has created the tiger? The tiger that is elegant, an exquisite creation but it has its evil side. The evil is what Blake is questioning. Was the tiger created in the depth of hell by Satan (he refers to hell as 'deeps' and Satan to an 'eye').Blake understands and compares the complexity of creating the tiger might have taken as he refers to the creator to a blacksmith. He even questions that how dare the creator even think of such a ferocious creation in last stanza of the poem. It is to be noted that Blake changed 'could' to 'dare' in the last stanza as he repeated the question he asked in the beginning of the poem.

Both the poems are from the songs of experience and reflect the complicate state of the soul. Even though the soul learns through experience but it retains the qualities of the clod with it even after childhood in many situations. The tiger who is a creature of awe; one has to be experienced to notice such a delicacy of creation and appreciate it. The soul can be regarded as the tiger in Blake poem. The soul is elegant and a thing of awe at the beginning as when you see a tiger it is there in its glory but when you see its acts of violence you wonder what and where things went wrong. In the same way as the child matures their soul is tarnished and when finally into adults one thinks where did things go wrong.

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