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An Identity Crisis

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Dearest Darling Friends,

Nowadays, my identity is increasingly depending on technology, things, showbiz and numbers.

The pen I have speaks about me.

The car I drive speaks about me.

The friends I hang out with speaks about me. Whom I know speaks about me.

My dress speaks about me.

The interiors of my dwelling speaks about me.

The phone I use speaks about me.

The music system I have speak about me.

Where I shop speaks about me.

Where I holiday speaks about me.

What I give as return gifts and where I host my parties, speak about me.

The number of friends I have on Facebook speaks about me.

Many more such things and toys speak about me.

When I die, will my tomb stone read, "Brilliant job done". Or will it be, "Wasted opportunities running behind insignificant things, insignificant events and insignificant people".

The value for another human being is decreasing. Is it at the cost of increasing the value of what things I possess? Or should I write, is it at the cost of increasing the things that possesses me?

While technologically we have improved fantastically, human issues largely remain unresolved for almost 5000 years. This is because we value things more than relationships and people. We value for opinion of people more than people. We value image more than people.

For some time, shall we, that is you and me, focus on resolving the human issues in our life. For some time, lets focus on relationships and people.

Maybe write a letter to someone we must and make them feel remembered. Maybe hug and express our feelings to someone, making them feel loved. Maybe invite someone for breakfast or lunch and make them feel important. Maybe reach out to someone who had helped you when you needed it the most and make them feel special. Maybe appreciate someone and make them believe they are 'good'. Maybe give an opportunity to someone who needs a break and make them believe the world has genuine people.

Maybe forward this article to someone who will grow out of it.

Maybe you can find another way, a better way...

Use your alertness, your genuineness, your 'humanness'. For a change, lets create a 'human delight' and not just a technological or showbiz delight.

What do you say?

Looking forward to your shadings...

With loads of love, prayers and best wishes, Narendra Goidani As I Live...I Learn

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