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Aesthetic Aspect in Bulbul's Poetry

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 201

Our Sindh is prosperous with the eminent poets of all ages. They gave marvelous progress to the Gazal by creating novelty into its diction, form and expression. The great poets in the Ghazal were Mir Abdul Hussain Sangi, Ghulam Muhammad Shag Gadda, Murtaza Thatvi, Akhund Qasim and Mirza Qaleech Baig. They made this form most eminent and splendid, and in result, it got a grand place in poetry with immortal reputation. Shamas-u-Din Bulbul's name can not be forgotten because he added more progress that surprised the readers.

To briefly say about the history of the Ghazal, it is the product of Persian poetry, and under its effect, it got perfection. The Sindhi poets reshaped this form and clothed it with local and conventional manners of Sindh. One can easily feel the aroma of this land prevailed. They enhanced it with delicate points of mysticism and expressed aesthetic aspects with great verve and charm. Actually, aestheticism emphasizes aesthetic values more than socio-political themes for literature, fine arts, the decorative arts and interior design. In other words, this doctrine shows that beauty is the basic principle from which all other principles, especially moral ones, are derived.

Bulbul really possesses an enviable place in literature. His way of expression is full of the echo of courage and immortality of his eminence. Moulana Ghulam Muhammad Grami called him the son of Sindhi literature. It relies on his diction and charming ideas. His inclination to mysticism and aestheticism stimulates him to utter the accolade of beauty. As he describes mole on beloved's cheek, her scarlet cheeks and naughty and killing long hair. He proves that poetry is basically a rich and colourful way of speaking. It is not only selection of words but also a way of inspiring heart and warming up mind.It is considered the real and noble spirit of it. Without it, poetry is futile and barren. Indeed, poetry's direct approach is to soul and heart. William Wordsworth calls it spontaneous over flow of ideas. A poet's major endeavour is to compose his idea in inspiring manner and his diction must be representative of beauty. Beauty in his poetry is like stream, flowing incessantly for amazing the readers. As Joyo says that the chief quality of art is to play the role of current time where in spiritual perfection ought to be held.

Bulbul's poetry represents all qualities. He pays his beloved's beauty peerless worth. Before his beloved's beauty, fairies, the sun and the moon, all are trivial and defeated. The men of letters consider figures of speech as the source of beauty, and through it, the hidden things are widely disclosed. It is the best expression of art. In his verse, he compares the drops of juice on beloved's cheek with the drops of dews on petals. He uses figures of speech in natural manner which really represent his aestheticism. His other example, as beloved's emerging on the roof, having locked her naughty and playful long hair makes the lover slave in very glimpse. Bulbul gives very unusual touch to the beauty of beloved. Morover, the common poets give limited circle to the beloveds because their beloveds capture only men, but Bulbul gives different and enviable place to his beloved. His beloved's emerging on the roof having united her playful long hair makes not only the lovers sick but also aroma.

Bulbul is most excellent in explaining the aesthetic aspect of poetry. The mighty cause is to give proper place to words and charming expression to language. We find his command over diction and language. In his work, he has artistically used Persian and Arabic words with Sindhi together. It reveals his grand and lofty style. Besides, such amalgam of diction, language and references of aesthetic aspects uplift his personality. By reciting his poetry, the readers can not help applauding him of his gift and ability. In his poetry, we seek patience. When lover's heart is captured, its restoration is absolutely impossible. Bulbul follows the same tradition. His beloved possesses unique qualities because she knows how to capture the heart, but not to return it. This unfair condition makes the lover helpless and desperate. The remedy of such sorrows and despair is patience.

The most poets compare fragrance and scarlet of flower with long hair and lips of beloved. Bulbul emphasizes on newness that is the main need of poetry, and it forms the I personality of the poet. He possesses newness and individuality in his work. His new observations escalate interest among the readers.

It is a matter of perception that how has depicted lively and pleasant landscape of imagination. This royalty goes only to the artistic qualities of the poet. He depicts everything in such a manner that even unwilling reader accepts it as his own. Actually, religion has spiritualism, and its canons must be followed by the people; but love's responsibility is different from religion. To Bulbul, the worth of love is not less than religion. He feels himself equal responsible for both love and religion, and except love not only life seems incomplete but also religion. It is love by which one can distinguish between truth and lie and reality and fantasy.

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