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Take Flight With Silver Wings and a Golden Quill

February 16, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

The release of 'With Silver Wings and a Golden Quill' by Tanya Campos-Gracia has been long-awaited by many of Tanya's friends and family. This is Tanya's third book and she shines magnificently in her flowing poetic structure.

This book will certainly keep an adult captivated throughout. Campos-Gracia has awesome sensuality to her writing. Her poems keep her reader interested. She has a way of making one think over certain points and then continuing to gain more knowledge of the situation she has created. She uses her writing formats do this extremely well. She leaves one word or two words on a line in many places and gives the reader time to pause before reading on. She does this very well as she controls the pauses you take.

There are Graphic art designs throughout this book with a most beautifully eye-catching designed cover. The brilliant colors surrounded by black are very eye-catching. The artwork, done specifically for the poems enhance the superb poetry.

This poetry will certainly keep most adults captivated throughout. I must say that I do not recommend it for children or young teens. Campos-Gracia certainly has much interest to her writing. Her poems keep her reader very fulfilled at all times. She has a way of making one wanting to continue to gain more knowledge of the situation she has created.

Campos-Gracia's writing is most defiantly unique in every way possible. This is the kind of writing that wakes up the senses in most people. Your eyebrows will lift as you read. This book will at times make your toes curl. Besides being sensual in nature, it flows gently from page to page. The writing is that of an excellent and talented poetess who entertains her adult readers. Tanya will hold your attention and at times let you linger and contemplate over the well thought out word usage. This is an awesome and enjoyable book to add to any collection.

Daveda Gruber, owner of Publishing with Passion and Poetry with Passion as well as, author of fourteen books including: "Magical Moments," "Bruised but Not Beaten," "Death of a Daughter," "Steelers Cheers," "Red Barn and Other Short Stories," "Cling to the Magic Mere Mortals," "The Blonde Who Found Jesus," "A Blonde View of Life," "Tales of a Tiny Dog," "More Tales of a Tiny Dog," "Castle of Ice," "More Snapshots from my Family Album" and "Snapshots a Blonde View." I am a professional graphic art designer and I produce professional video productions.

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Take Flight

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