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How A Podcast Consultant Saved Me Time, Money and Effort!

May 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

If you are interested in podcasting, then a podcast consultant is integral. Although many say it's simple, podcasting can be complex.

When I first developed an interest in podcasting in the iTunes store, I was plagued by a few questions.

1. What is an RSS feed and how does it relate to podcasting?

2. What equipment do I need to buy, and can I start podcasting with a few dollars?

3. How do I make a successful podcast that people will actually want to listen to?

4. How do I get into iTunes?

As most people would do, I looked to Google to provide the answers. I sifted through hundreds of web pages, posts and videos. All of which were telling me different things, only adding to my confusion.

After many weeks of dead ends, I was ready to abandon the podcasting project, until a friend mentioned hiring a podcast consultant.

What is a podcast consultant?

A podcast consultant is someone that specialises in training individuals and businesses how to start and maintain a regular podcast.

I was able to find a consultant who agreed to take me on as a client.

Over the course of several podcast consulting sessions he was able to clear away the clutter and the confusion with his simple approach to podcasting. In a way, he became like a coach. He would listen to my concerns and questions and then gently nudge me back on track to achieve my podcasting goal.

The best thing that I got out of our sessions was complete clarity. I always knew what the next steps were and felt like I was on track to achieve my goal of launching a podcast in the iTunes store!

How does a consulting session work?

My session with this consultant was over Skype. It was a one hour session where he spent the first 10 minutes listening to me. He would then pick out the major points that were stopping my progress and provide me with a clear blue print to achieving my goals.

Once I delved into the technical side of podcasting, he would also share his screen with me to talk me through some of the more complicated technical steps of recording etc.

The things we covered in the sessions were:

  • Equipment (what I needed to suit my unique situation)
  • Presentation skills (what to say behind the mic and how to say it)
  • Publishing (how to publish my podcast in iTunes and also on my blog)
  • Marketing (how to promote my podcast using social media and a bunch of other very powerful tools)
> What were my results?

Without a doubt my podcast consulting session gave me the results I was looking for. I have now launched several podcasts in iTunes and have had great success with every single one of them.

In fact my last podcast I had about 100 new people every day listening.

I am certain that if I hadn't had the expert coaching, guidance and support from my podcast consultant then I never would of achieved this success!

What you should do!

If you are serious about podcasting, and want to avoid the rabbit holes, pit falls and nasty traps of outdated and incorrect information, then you need to hire a podcast consultant. In my case I think one session saved me many hours of stress and confusion of trying to gather all the various bits of information myself.

Discover podcast consulting here.

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