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Pilates for Golf: Expanding Your Pilates Practice

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 193

As Pilates instructors, we should all be looking for ways to continually market and expand our Pilates practices, whether we own the studio or are just becoming a Pilates instructor. Finding innovative and out of the box ways to attract new customers with ideas that have enough meat to keep them coming back is always a challenge.

One of the trends we're seeing in Pilates right now is the recognition that Pilates does increase core strength, stability and flexibility - making it perfect for those interested in improving their golf game. It also helps with overall balance in the body - something golf demands a great deal of and few other exercise methods offer.

Emphasis on breathing in golf Pilates can also teach golfers to relax throughout their game, increase concentration and control movements - perfect for honing their putting skills.

By strengthening back muscles and increasing flexibility, golf Pilates can help prevent one of golfers most common complaints: back pain.

The other great thing about designing a Pilates program for golfers is that you can offer classes at a variety of locations that might not normally consider a class, like country clubs and community centers. Pitching a private club on your Pilates golf services wouldn't be difficult - the majority of their business comes from golf clientele.

Open up the door for this healthy exercise practice, and you might find yourself in a good position to pitch regular Pilates classes to support the female non-golfer crowd at the club as well.

Currently, there is no Pilates certification focused on golf, or even back pain. But that's okay - the overall wellness that Pilates brings generally is what will give the most benefits to golfers.

As golf season is upon us, I encourage you to get out and talk to local country clubs, driving ranges, community centers, health clubs and other venues about offering Pilates classes specifically geared towards golfers. If they don't have a large population of female golfers, teach a 'general' Pilates class catering to overall wellness - Pilates will no doubt improve their tennis games, another huge country club business, as well as general health and anti-aging. They'll see an increase in business, too, by offering a new solution to age-old golf, and health, issues!

You can learn more about getting a valid Pilates certification and continuing your lifetime education as a fitness instructor at

Jillian Smithton is a certified Pilates instructor who practices IM=X Pilates in her spare time. She enjoys practicing Pilates and yoga, indoor cycling, writing about fitness and learning more about the body and how alternative medicine and exercise can promote a healthy lifestyle.

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