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How to Become a Certified Pilates Instructor

February 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 135

There are several different schools that are recognized for providing intense, quality training to people who are interested in becoming Pilates instructors at a studio or gym. Some of the major schools include Peak Pilates, Physical Mind Institute, Romana's, Pole Star and Stott. There are also two different types of certification; one for mat Pilates and one for training on a Pilates machine. You should be certified in both if you instruct students in both forms.

While each school teaches a slightly different method of Pilates and may have differing philosophies, each one offers an intensive training course for people wanting to become certified and knowledgeable instructors. No matter what the style of exercise or philosophy taught in these courses, the idea is the same: to become completely educated on the exercise method and learn how to adjust each exercise for people of differing fitness levels and physical ability.

Take the next few minutes to learn about the different schools and see how they differ.

Peak Pilates offers a three-level course that is taken over a period of 452 hours split up over a year or more. They focus on a contemporary Pilates method and covers mat and machine Pilates from beginner to advanced intensity levels. You must already have a basic mat certification to begin the 452 hour program.

The Physical Mind Institute offers contemporary Pilates with a focus on the mental aspects and has three separate courses: standing Pilates, mat Pilates and comprehensive Pilates.

Romana's Pilates, designed by Romana Kryzanowska who actually studied under Joseph Pilates, the father of Pilates, offers a 600 hour course series focusing on the classic Pilates method.

Stott Pilates trains instructors in contemporary Pilates and offers an intensive 310 hour mat instruction course as well as an additional 165 hour Pilates machine instruction course.

Pole Star Pilates offers a 240 hour contemporary Pilates method instruction program that focuses on physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The certification courses offered by each school are generally done in one or two intensive weekend sessions. The basic mat certification exam usually requires students of the course to be able to demonstrate each Pilates exercise and explain how it is done and what muscles it works and what the result will be after doing the exercise routinely for weeks or months. They will also need to be able to explain and show alternative methods to each exercise to accommodate for different students they might have.

There are more comprehensive Pilates certifications that may be required by certain Pilates studios or gyms if you want to work for one and should also be obtained if starting your own Pilates studio where you might eventually be training other teachers. This certification will give you a much better edge against other Pilates instructors who only have the basic mat certification. The schools that offer this training and examination require when the course is completed that the student will have an in depth understanding of the human body and its muscle groups work and change over the course of a Pilates regimen. These programs generally also include intense training on the use of the reformer or other Pilates machine equipment. These more advanced certification courses are usually taken in different series over the course of a year and some require that you complete an apprenticeship at a Pilates studio in your area.

So whether you are interested in joining an instruction team at a gym or small fitness or Pilates studio or opening your own Pilates studio, having a certification from one of the many Pilates schools will make you a much more desirable instructor. The cost for the certification class generally varies from $250 to $5,000 depending on how advanced the course is and if it is just basic mat or the comprehensive certification that includes both mat and machine work.

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