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Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Company's Fashion Editorial Shoot

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 168

Choose perfect photographers that can provide exactly what you need. If the products you are marketing and selling are mostly fashion-centric, you would need suitable photos to print and share publicly, ensuring proper exposure when released in the market. For perfect shots, hire professional fashion photographers. Amateur photography may result in unattractive product shots. A good photographer has experience in using lighting, composition and lens configurations to create pictures that truly promote products, making them desirable to the market targeted.

Search for suitable photographers in your location online. You can search for a local fashion photographer or search for a worldwide fashion photographer that you can ship your items to. You may be interested in websites of grouped photographers in the area or websites of particular, individual photographers. Select and contact photographers that fit your photo shoot requirements perfectly. Look carefully at their work and contact them if you want to see more of their work as many high demand photographers like myself are not always posting everything they do.

Some photo shoot scenarios are provided below for reference and inspiration:

Photo Shoot in a Controlled Studio Setting

You can be sure of great pictures in a controlled studio setting. Chosen models may be made up to fit the perfect look, exemplifying the brand and products. Fashion items as clothing, shoes and accessories may be mixed and matched on location to produce the desired effect. Set up of background and props are often ideal for the given project. Other photography aspects may also be conveniently manipulated as lighting and photo composition.

Photo Shoot of a Fashion Event

Models strutting on the catwalk would be good material to release in different marketing activities as: press releases, advertisements, collaterals and Point-of-Sale (POS materials). Pre-selected photos for dissemination to consumers help create better exposure for the company and / or brand.

Photo Shoot Outdoors

Some photo shoots are best done outdoors. Location shoots depend on the effect desired. For example, western-looking ads are best done in an appropriate setting as a farm or ranch. The look and feel created by location shoots make for more realistic or convincing apparel applications.

Photo Shoot in the Store

Give the viewer a reason to visit by having photos taken in the store and having the products worn and modelled within the venue. These shots are perfect for call-to-action press releases where both 'where-to-buy' and 'what-to-buy' are all incorporated in attractive marketing pictures.

Have those fashion photos taken soon to realize desired goals and possibly new revenue-generating business opportunities.

Thank you so much for reading my article! My name is Amber Bauerle and a I specialize in Fashion Photography Utah. I am so passionate about editorial and fashion photography, I would love it if you came and took a peek at my website!

And if you go to my blog and leave me a comment, it would make my day!! I offer a do follow blog and really appreciate and love to read any comments. I do lots of other photography as well and have a lot of big projects going on from children's clothing lines to editorials for worldwide magazines! So if you want to see some Fashion Photography photos - stop by!

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