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10 Reasons New Parents Need a Canon A480 Powershot Digital Camera

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 164

Why new parents need a camera is hardly a mystery. From the day they are born your children's lives are filled with monumental events, moments in time that you will want to capture forever. The question is why do they need a Canon A480 Powershot? Here are 10 excellent reasons:

  1. The A480 is a compact, lightweight 10.0 Megapixel digital camera that can take still photographs and video clips, and it is so small it can easily be tucked into a pocket, purse or diaper bag.
  2. Its powered by AA batteries, either alkaline or rechargeable, so just take an extra set along and you'll always be prepared to capture that next great moment in your child's life.
  3. The Canon A480 Powershot is so easy to use your child will be able to take a few snapshots of you by the time he or she graduates from kindergarten. The simple button layout and intuitive user interface makes taking great photographs a snap.
  4. Have you ever seen or taken a photograph or video where half the subject's head was cut off? Well you will not have that problem with the Canon A480 Powershot. You can easily check your focus on the 2.5" LCD with Image Inspection Tool.
  5. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, everyone wants to get in the picture with the new baby. Baby showers, birthday parties, the list of times you will want a group shot is practically endless. For many amateur photographers taking great group shots is a very difficult thing to do. The flash can make subjects up front look pale as ghosts while the back row is hidden in shadows. Taking fantastic group shots with the A480 is easy. Canon's Face Detection Technology automatically adjusts the settings so that you can take fantastic photos and videos with no hassle.
  6. Imagine taking a photograph of your child only to find two demonic red eyes glowing in that cute little face when you take a look at it afterwards. Red eye is one of the most common problems photographers have. Canon addresses the problem by incorporating Red-Eye Correction in both shooting and video playback so you can rest assured you will see your child's natural color eyes twinkling in every shot.
  7. The only time your baby is going to be still for long is when he or she is sound asleep. Better snap a photo or two then, because once the little tyke wakes up, he or she will be waving hands kicking feet and turning their head from side to side taking in their surrounding with wide-eyed wonder. Now there are two ways to take a great photo of your baby. You can ask your wriggling bundle of joy to be still, (good luck with that) or you can grab your handy-dandy Canon A480 with Motion Detection Technology that automatically minimizes blurring and maximizes the image quality for you.
  8. There are times, like the first time your baby laughs out loud or starts to crawl or takes that first step when nothing short of a video will do to commemorate the event. With the A480 you can easily take smooth, high quality 30 frames per second VGA movies with Long Play mode and play them back on your HDTV.
  9. An excellent reason parents need the 480 is that it offers 15 shooting modes that allow you to capture the best shots possible in any lighting situation from dimly lit to fireworks display.
  10. Last but far from least is that the Canon A480 Powershot is priced so low that it fits most young parents' budgets.

Kathy Ball is a freelance writer and an avid photographer. To learn more about the Canon A480 Powershot read this review "" at Cannon Powershot Reviews "" today.

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