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The Importance of Recording Technology With Free Conferencing Solutions

February 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

Keeping accurate records of meetings is essential to continuing progress. Those who use free conferencing solutions no longer have to settle for written minutes, or low-quality recordings. Some companies now provide services with built-in recording technology, which offer businesses a great convenience.

The practice of recording business meetings helps to facilitate communication in regular meetings with long term goals. Despite the best efforts of all concerned, meetings often give rise to problems when there are misunderstandings about things that were previously agreed upon, or when important details are forgotten.

Despite its cost-effectiveness and convenience, some of these problems are compounded when it comes to conference calls. One understandable problem is that call conferencing communication does not provide the same visual input such as facial expressions or hand gestures that a face-to-face meeting would.

Below are some of the ways that built-in recording can help:

Absent parties Though everyone involved should be part of a discussion, real life pressures do not always present an ideal situation. Free conferencing technology can solve problems regarding different locations but not the problem of emergency absences.

A recording can help absent persons thoroughly understand the deliberations of the meeting and prepares them for any subsequent discussion. It also allows supervisors to monitor the proceedings should summaries prove insufficient.

Business protection. Business disagreements can crop up without warning. Disputes can even occur after a thorough conversation to clear up any misunderstandings.

When contracts are not written according to the deliberation, records of the meeting can be referenced to prove the terms of the oral agreements. This 'oral' trail is also a convenient resource when an audit occurs. The built-in recording technology found in some free conferencing systems enables participants to revisit crucial parts of the conversation where words are open to interpretation.

Future Reference. Memory alone can be unreliable while summaries or abstracts are sometimes not detailed enough.

A recorded conversation is infinitely better for recollection because it doesn't leave out any details, whether it was important or only tangentially related to the discussion. A recording will allow regular meetings to move forward more quickly by keeping everyone up to date.

Because of the utility of keeping records of conference calls, it's advisable for businesses to choose free conferencing solutions that can record conversations. The solution should also be able to keep logs to keep dates in order and resolve discrepancies.

Good record call conferencing technology is easy-to-use with comprehensive features. Copies of the deliberations should be accessible to every participant in the call on demand, such as in a service that allows convenient downloads of the conversation.

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