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Online Meetings As Key Remote Collaboration Drivers

March 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

The expansion of virtual medium of communication and development of high end conferencing solutions has made business communication streamlined and convenient. Globalisation has empowered businesses to overcome the limitations of geographic boundary. There is a huge demand for remote collaboration solutions in emerging economies like Malaysia, because these allow companies to maintain close coordination with their remotely located counterparts, associates, peers and customers. This demand can be exhibited by the 10 per cent increase in audio conferencing revenue in the Asia Pacific region.

There are several types of conferencing options that can be availed by any business firm in Malaysia today. Before hiring any service provider, it is crucial for the organisation to have a clear knowledge about the types of conferencing applications offered by the Conferencing Solution Provider (CSP). Operator-assisted as well as on-demand web conference calling solutions are provided by such CSPs at competitive rates.

In case international conference calling is required for far flung destinations, One Rate pricing plans is the best option. This platform allows companies to use audio and web conferencing solutions at the same rate, which makes high end web conferences affordable for small and medium sized firms. Similarly, for sharing documents, Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations; web conferencing is the best solution. Certainly, opting for international conference calling is always synonymous with high return on investments for any business firm.

Nowadays, team members working on the same project can be based on geographically dispersed locations. Whenever they need to congregate to discuss mission critical issues, virtual meeting can prove to be useful. Online meetings, due to their functional advantages, can bring team members close to each other so that they can confer in real-time. With the help of reliable international conference calling solutions, these firms can easily communicate with their associates, irrespective of their location.

Users can customise the solutions to convey a professional business image in front of their existing and potential customers, vendors, employees and investors. Such virtual meeting solutions can be accessed via web browsers without any plug-ins or additional downloads for desktops. Likewise, dedicated apps for handheld devices like tablet computers and Smartphones allow users to set up or join a virtual meeting.

The CSPs engaged in rendering these solutions encrypt ongoing online meetings with the most sophisticated security protocols. This ensures that unauthorised people cannot enter or steal any type of confidential information. Apart from business firms, these solutions are demanded in academics and healthcare sectors. With the help of these collaboration solutions, students can avail distance learning service. Similarly, in the healthcare sector, doctors can consult other medical experts and patients.

Dines Mark is an experienced writer having more than five years of experience in writing articles on various topics such as online meetings, conference calling, and Virtual Meeting etc.

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