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Easily Organize a School Fundraiser Using Conferencing Services

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 208

Organizing a school fundraiser requires many committed people from different sectors of the school community to cooperate and work together. Conferencing services allow them to interact with each other any time, despite faraway locations or their busy schedules.

School fundraising events can take many forms, beginning from simple bake sales to posh benefit dinners. But whatever form they take, fundraisers need committed volunteers. The more elaborate the planned event is, the larger the demand is for people to help out. Furthermore, a lot of volunteers are needed from different sectors of the school's community, such as the parents, current students, and the alumni. These people can easily reach out to their networks and ask others for their support in the project.

However, hardworking parents, up-and-coming alumni, and even the average student leader usually don't have a lot of free time to dedicate to these activities. Organizing events and asking people to meet at a specific time or place may be a hassle, but call conferencing services can be used to reduce the trouble.

A call conference takes away the problem of gathering all the volunteers in one place. It saves a lot of time, especially if all they have to do is pick up their phone, call the conference dial-in number and then enter an access code. This comes as a big benefit for volunteers living far from the school, as it certainly beats the trouble of a long drive through heavy traffic.

It also relieves other little burdens from the volunteers because conferencing services include features that allow users to easily access and download recorded conversations, which minimizes the need for note taking. A recorded conference also becomes an excellent reference material when clarifications are necessary.

Gathering a huge number of volunteers and organizing a fundraiser event is effortless with conference calling. Unlike other services such as three-way calling, conference meetings allow call hosts to add up to 96 members in a single call. Even if the fundraising project is a huge benefit event that requires dozens of volunteers, each one can be contacted and updated through a single conference call.

But it's not just the committee itself that can take advantage of conferencing services. Once the committee meeting is over, the volunteers can use it to connect with their respective networks as well. Parents can reach their fellow parents and discuss a bake sale. Local community members can create conference calls with local businesses to discuss what goods may be contributed to a white elephant sale.

Free conferencing is particularly important to getting in touch with alumni because many graduates may have left the city or the country. Soliciting and organizing their contributions becomes much easier through providers that offer international call conferencing services.

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