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Monophobia - What Are the Symptoms of Monophobia?

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 279

While the condition is not widely known to the public due to its nature, monophobia effects many people from all corners of the globe. This disorder can be emotionally, mentally and socially crippling for those that suffer its effects. However, with treatment and medication, the disorder can be handled to a level in which many lead regular lives with little to no effects from the disorder.

One of the trickiest aspects to dealing with monophobia is that its true cause is often an underlying anxiety issue. Also the reclusive nature of monophobia sufferers makes discovering an issue hard for doctors or the general public. For some, if their source of comfort is a specific person or place, the disorder may not even be apparent until a change in lifestyle takes place. In addition, the disorder can be hard to self diagnose as the panic attacks and anxiety levels of the disorder can make logical thinking difficult.

Common symptoms of monophobia include an intense fear of being alone or removed from a particular place. Sometimes this fear is intense enough that even the thought of being alone or place in an unfamiliar location can trigger panic attacks or other symptoms. Being an anxiety disorder, many of the common symptoms include nervousness, increased heart rate, difficulty thinking, restlessness, shortness of breath, panic attacks and intense fear. In the worst cases, these symptoms create an unfightable urge to flee or seek comfort.

With monophobia, suffers often attach safety and security to a specific person or location. This location can be quite specific in many cases. It is not uncommon for a safe spot to be narrowed down to a section of a room in a house or another small location. While multiple people can potentially be the attachment, most often this attachment is formed to a specific person. Common relations include a spouse, sibling or friend. When this is the case, symptoms are often not detected until a major lifestyle change occurs, such as a death or relocation.

Common treatments for monophobia include psychiatric appointments, hypnotherapy, group therapy and select medications. Of these options, group therapy and hypnotherapy enjoy high levels of success amongst patients in many studies and trials. Group therapy also helps to provide a support group for individuals to help reinforce coping techniques, anxiety management methods and to provide the comfort of knowing that they are not the only person suffering from this debilitating disorder.

If you believe you or a friend or loved one might suffer from monophobia, medical attention is always recommended. While it often takes time, you can conquer your fear of being alone.

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