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Agoraphobia, Can It Be Cured?

February 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 234

Agoraphobia keeps so many people from enjoying life. This is a debilitating fear of being trapped, being alone, or unable to escape scary situations. There are often multiple layers to the phobia that have to be dealt with in order for a person to feel better. Some people actually fear the feeling of having a panic/anxiety attack.

As an energy healer I am often asked how energy healing can cure or help reduce agoraphobia. The answer to this question goes into the realm of quantum physics and metaphysics. In my experience when dealing with any type of anxiety there are emotional issues to work on and physical issues as well. You may be surprised to find out that both emotional pain and physical pain are nothing more than energy that is "stuck" in a sense. You often hear people say that they feel stuck in this pattern of panic anxiety and just can't find a way out. My job as an energy healer is to provide the energy for them to find the way out. That sounds a bit new-agey but it is the truth. It's all just energy and in the case of people with agoraphobia it's the stuck energy of feeling like there is no way out, or the fear of there being no way out.

So the big question is how are you going to get me unstuck Steve? The answer is a strange one but I will try to describe what I do. When a client calls me for help with agoraphobia the first thing I do is get some history on how it started for them. Then I take a Subjective Units of Distress level or SUDS level. We grade the intensity of the anxiety from 1-10, 10 being the highest level. I then ask the client where they feel the feeling in their body. Some people feel anxiety in their chest, some in the stomach, some in the head. I then have the client focus on the area of anxiety for about ten minutes.During the ten minutes I send what is known bio-energy, life-force energy, or chi energy into the area of anxiety. This is actually what gets the energy of agoraphobia unstuck! After the 10min we take another SUDS level. 90% of the time the anxiety intensity and all the feelings surrounding the phobia are much less. We keep doing this until we reach zero or a level the client is happy with.

All of my energy healing sessions are done by phone or Skype. As an energy healer I have found that I can heal as well by distance as I can in person. This makes it incredibly convenient for my clients as relief is just a phone call away. There are cases where several sessions are needed before my client feels the agoraphobia is totally resolved. Most people feel a big difference after the very first session.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to experience relief from agoraphobia.

Sincerely Steve Levine

I'm Steve Levine. Do you suffer from anxiety, or chronic pain, and want to try energy healing? Experience for yourself the relief many others have experienced by exploring the use of healing energy. You don't even have to go to an office or travel to find a practitioner. It can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home by phone or over Skype on your computer. Click here now to discover the power of remote healing.

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