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The Main Characters of the Trojan War: Who Is the Real Greek Hero?

June 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 263

Greek mythology has brought several stories of fervour, bravery and utmost god-like skills which people love to dwell on these days. Somehow, the ancient Greek myths and legends have brought some of the world's studied philosophies. And somehow some religious, political and educational institutions have referred to it as a basis.

One of the reasons why most of us are fond of Greek mythology is because of its own set of heroes. In addition, this has brought us the likes of Hercules, Perseus, Achilles and the others that somehow it has managed to help us perceive what a hero is. How someone can be called a hero and what it takes to be one.

The definition of a hero is contextual. The act of heroism may mean something to one person and nothing at all to the others that sometimes it turns out to be more of an archetype than the standard definition. Speaking of the standard, heroism may be summarized as bravery, confidence and self-sacrifice. But with the ever-evolving world, a hero's true definition comes along with the changes as well.

The Trojan War

Let's take one of the most famous Greek Mythologies as an example- The Trojan War from Homer's Iliad. In the contemporary movie Troy, the main characters were played by Brad Pitt as Achilles, Eric Bana as Hektor and Orlando Bloom as Paris.

The movie, derived from the Greek Mythology, encompasses these men's act of heroism in their own ways. Achilles is obviously different from Hektor and Paris but in their own ways, they have contributed definition to the true meaning of heroism.

Achilles as a Greek Hero

Achilles was always known for his incomparable might, exceptional fighting skills and unforgivable temper. He was portrayed as the angry and prideful in the Iliad. His anger has led him to many battles which fortunately he won except for the last one where Paris took his life away.

Achilles portrayed heroism when it comes to determination and passion. He was always up for the challenge and he didn't care about the challenges ahead.

Hektor's Act of Nobility

Hektor is the older brother of Paris and the eldest son of King Priam. He was a man of honour and duty. He stood by the values of his kingdom where he must prioritize his empire and his family first more than his own life. This act of nobility led Hektor to his downfall.

He knew it was his duty to face Achilles when he killed Patroclus by mistake- someone who was dear to Achilles. He knew that with Achilles' skill, he was going to die but he had to face it. Achilles' anger and revenge brought him to kill and mutilate Hektor.

Paris' Role

Paris offers a strong contrast with the concept of heroism. If you look at it in a micro perspective, Paris doesn't reflect the likings of a hero. In the first place, he was the reason why the Trojan War began. He was a coward for fleeing the battle with Menelaus. But if you come to think of it in a broader angle, instead of being a hero who died in the battlefield, he was the one who stayed and helped his fellowmen escape. It was his strategy of showing his own way of saving the others and preserving the life of his kingdom.

Alexis Krosov is a fictional writer and superhero fanatic. He has published several write-ups for local and national newspapers and magazines regarding famous heroes, female heroes, Greek heroes and the like.

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