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The Importance Of Being A Doctor Of Philosophy

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 218

Education is the most important word after business and work because it is the main pillar of your career and financial life. Education is very expensive as the bachelor's average cost at a private university is $25,143 per year and $6,585 at a public university. That cost is just for the tuition and is not counting with rooms, food, books, and all the extra costs students have while studying. The average bachelor's duration is 4 years so do the math and calculate how long it will take for s student to get the return for their invested money. A doctoral is even more expensive than a bachelor's degree because it also takes 4 years to complete and it costs around $20,000 which makes around $80,000 if you complete it in just 4 years. However the average student, and by average I mean students on average, not a student which intelligence is average, it will take five years to complete the course. However it is a fact that you will get all this money back in a few years as soon as you get a high status job and start your career.

A professional with a doctor's degree has a much higher chance of getting a job, is more likely to be promoted at any given time and when recession times appear, he is less likely to be part of the salary cut and even fired because his skill are fundamental to the company. In terms of salary the difference between a master professional and a doctor professional is considerable. The entry salary for a professional with a master degree is around $65,000 per year where as a professional with a doctor degree his salary would start at $140,000 and even more depending on the working zone. Another reason why the master's degree alone is not enough is because there are nine times more professionals with the master's degree than professionals with the doctorate, creating nine times more competition for professionals who are just starting their career.

Getting a doctorate is one of the toughest challenges any person will face during his entire life. The doctorate course requires not only daily intensive study, countless facts to remember during school time and during exams, but also professional quality research about the topics the professor requires him to do. Finally after all this work he will have to work a thesis where he defends his research and presents the professors with facts that probably have not even been made public yet, however that would require extensive research and access to strict sources of information. A doctorate research is so demanding and time consuming that there are even courses outside the university for students who need help and assistance with a particular research project as the doctorate research is more demanding than it ever was at any other education level. The final qualification will be performed by the committee. That committee is composed of about four professors and their job is to guide the student during his research time. After the fact gathering, the student will have to make his own conclusion or thesis. In case the student successfully defends his thesis he will earn the doctor title.

In a world where competition is so fierce it is of a great advantage for any professional in any field, to have the highest degree of education from a high prestige university because it almost guarantees the student a job in a respectable high class company looking for someone who has been already through a high demanding sort of work which is the university work and research. The higher the university ranks from where the student graduates, the higher his chances of getting the job and the higher his salary will be. Of course it is always not possible for a student to move to state where that high status university is such as Harvard or Yale, but in terms of points, his local university may well compete with the most famous ones. There is one advantage that some students are not even aware of because they are so busy and worried about getting more education to secure his job. That advantage that the doctorate degree in philosophy gives the student is the highest rank of knowledge known to man as there is no higher education. If the student successfully completes this course he can say he done it all, he has been through the hardest sort of mental and academic work and he has successfully nurtured his mind with knowledge that less than 1% of the population will ever know.

Are you ready to become a doctor of philosophy? The requirements to enter the course, according to one university taken as example, are a bachelor degree of at least four years and graduated with honors. After the bachelor the student must graduate the master degree with a score of at least 70%. The student must graduate from his master degree with a research project to demonstrate exceptional research abilities that will be required from him to successfully graduate his doctorate. After successfully checking all this requirements and after having the amount of money required to further study, the student may proceed to the doctorate application.

What will be the future of education be in terms of work demand and supply? The world is becoming more complex every minute, new complicated machines are successfully completed and released to the market which are bought by the most advanced universities, research facilities and companies that need to test products before releasing them to the market. The world's complexity in the next years will be so intense that the demand for professionals with the doctorate degree will be his testimonial that he is ready and able to perform that hardest sort of mental work required for the company or laboratory to continue to be a tough competitor in the market and also the doctorate can be compared as insurance for the future since the knowledge that student learns, such as research, analysis and proficient English use will be useful for any career he may pursue.


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