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The Exploration of Life and Death With Predictions From the Akashic Astral Realm

June 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 204

The essence of life flows from the astral ready to be received by the physical. You start basic life as a human embryo lying in a womb and growing. After eight weeks, you develop into a foetus, a miniature human. The biological computer contained within your body (the brain) is rebooted with an ethereal quantum essence of empty memory. Several months pass by and you are ready to start a new physical existence. Your corporeal body steadily develops although at this baby stage memories are not retained. You are born an innocent into a world of stark contrastable evolution. The sum of human desire measured in political, religious and monetary ideas ranging through a spectrum of severe ideological differences. The general planet dweller besieged, barraged and bludgeoned by a world of contrived visual and audio perception. You are reliant on parental love, understanding and guidance for your future development.

The genes and DNA you received from your parents will dictate your IQ and learning prowess deciding whether you have to work hard or find exams easy. The teachers you meet will shape your young life, the finest of them imparting knowledge with excitement, emotion, personality, great enthusiasm and the love of learning. The teachers who just stand and drone in a monotonous voice will make you restless and uncommunicative and inhibit your progress. Good teachers are not just top academics they are filled with a love and joy of teaching. Teaching is not about statistics, it's about people. If your IQ is low, you can still benefit and gain knowledge through enhanced aptitude, a strong desire to succeed in a given vocation. Spiritual matters will be imparted or not through parental guidance, you will decide what is right when you reach adulthood. If religion and a way of life are forced upon you, you will rebel. Your voyage through life continues slowly at first and as you age, the years seem to move with a greater rapidity. The later years hopefully, rendering wisdom and understanding.

You hopefully will reach old age with unfortunately inherited defective DNA. Your physical body will finally wear out releasing your ethereal quantum metaphysical essence back into the astral. The afterlife creates the formation of a mirror body placing you in the basic astral realm watching your discarded physical remains. A prompt to move to a higher realm is then indicated to meet someone that you knew in the past life. From this point, it becomes personal to you depending on the life you have led. Beware what you take from this life into the hereafter. Some will be hospitalised needing great care and attention. Others will create their own happy environments to live in. Some will create conditions of repentance and live for a while in a state of self chastisement. The ones that have done great damage to other beings will languish in a catch of self perpetuating scenic reality of every negative vile act committed. A gradual ascension to the higher realms of the astral will slowly dissipate your ethereal energy into a huge collective ready for a return to physicality.

In this year of 2012, surfing the web has become a prominent part of life. In just under thirty years, computers have revolutionised our existence. A great question needs to be answered - why did this not happen sooner? Up to the start of the 19th Century and going back to the beginning of mankind, many centuries ago, we lived in menial ignorance in a tribal society ruled by Kings and Queens. Why did it take so long for computers to arrive? Through those past centuries, men and women have continuously surfed the Akashic and astral realms for enlightenment but knowledge is only imparted at certain intervals of time. From the beginning of the 1st century AD civilisation did not advance, it stood still with tribalism and religionism the primary factors that held back the advancement of humankind. Knowledge was suppressed by powerful men who threatened death and destruction to anyone who challenged the establishment. One such example was Galileo in 1633.

The combustion engine car patented 1823 came into its own in 1892 and grew to 9 million vehicles by 1920 and is still in use in 2012 although a hybrid electric is now in production. Why has it taken a century and a half to herald the change of engine? I leave that to your imagination.

A supernatural great change is now coming upon our world - new power supplies that will cost very little (if the millionaires don't try to get richer) and a car that is cheap to run without petrol or diesel. Power cells will be introduced making fossilised fuel obsolete. All this knowledge will be imparted from the Akashic and Astral planes making swift progress over the next 50 years. The companies selling gas, traditional electricity and petrol will be slowly wound up and cease to exist. The missing informative instructions of physics will be downloaded from the astral to the scientists allowing civilisation to leap into its future. One country will start this great revolution of change and the rest will follow. The financial institutes will tremble and crash and will have to respond quickly to survive whilst the countries and their people flourish in the new age.

In the vast reaches of the astral, a war between the entities will commence. A battle of the Archangels and Angels will ensue, affecting all physical worlds and totally changing the way of life. This incredible battle will continue for many years into the future affecting and changing the minds of humankind. Volcanoes will still erupt, tsunamis rage across the seas and earthquakes shake the ground not caused by God but by a natural development of the planet and the physical reality. The worldly religions will change taking the man made sections and commands out of its doctrine. Male dominance in religion will cease. The worship of God will become a private and personal one with multi national prayer rooms in each country. The slow decline of the political class will change and they will become more accountable to smaller groups of voters. The common market now in a vast uncontrollable state of centralised existence with accountability and responsibility taken away from the voters will revert back to its beginnings.

The phases of the sun will dictate the Earth's climate, going green is only a partial answer to the planet's progression. The green philosophy has been hijacked by Governments including large Corporations and millionaires, pushing up the cost on to the consumer in hidden taxes. Political parties postulate for an irrational emotive response to gain your vote. This will dramatically escalate your financial contribution as a citizen, not theirs as a Government. Inevitably, this will cause conflict as the lower and middle earners suffer great hardship.

Due now, the changes will be spread over this century; some embraced others fought against by elitists, monetarists and powerful leaders.

This article is from author Robin G Howard. The latest fiction publication being - Battle of the Archangels - in ebook format. Explore an out of body experience with Jim Long space agent. All copies can be purchased from - All book copies available on Amazon and Kindle. - - Ezine owners please feel free to distribute the free report and this review to your lists without changing any texts.

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