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Renaissance of Ancient Scripts

May 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Not so long ago 5 pyramids have been discovered in Bosnia. The Sun Pyramid from them even surpasses the height of the Pyramid of Giza with its estimated 722 feet height and an estimated age of 12000 years. In the tunnels under the pyramids, more than one and a half dozen of signs of an ancient alphabet system, the Székely-Magyar Rovás (pron. Sekler-Hungarian Rowash) have turned up. Relics and artefacts of rovás can be found on stones, walls of temples, bone-, wooden-, silver- and golden objects and in books in a wider surrounding of the Carpathian Basin.

Rovás can be traced in the Carpathian Basin as a special tradition. It derives from ancient times and is becoming more and more living. This coding system is based on some simple base forms and it looks clean and elegant. In comparison to the most coding systems, its unique characteristics are that the signs can be combined together (so called összerovás) to legible complex forms and pictures as well, just by following some simple rules. The structure of the Hungarian language even makes it possible that some vowels can be omitted from texts in rovás, compressing the message and maintaining intelligibility. Recently place name signs in rovás are placed throughout Hungary and books printed with it and school competitions have been held in rovás.

A significant progress can be experienced in the computerized use of rovás. The signs of rovás are being incorporated into the Unicode-system. Some free programs are available for transcribing texts to rovás, like web browser extensions (plug-ins) or applications that run in your operating system with which you can type in rovás easier.

Why is it difficult to transcribe text written with the latin alphabet to the ancient rovás? The alphabet of rovás contains a letter for each of the Hungarian sounds. The original latin alphabet was missing letters for many Hungarian sounds, thus it has been extended in two ways. On one hand, the vowels got an accent (like á for a, or é for e, etc.), on the other hand, some consonants have been softened (like sz for s, or gy for g, etc.) and both added to the basic latin alphabet. Now when one tries to transcribe latin-letter texts to rovás these extensions can make the process more difficult.

The translation to the ancient form of rovás can be easily and simply accomplished and past can be transformed to the living present with easy to use tools. Give it a try.

Tools for Rovás:

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation:

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