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Top 6 Ways to Raise Funds During Recession

December 28, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 169

During the economic downturn, raising money, even for the best cause, seems to be a challenging enterprise. As a result, many non-profit and philanthropic institutions, which depend on sponsorship and donations, face major challenges to fund their yearly events. Despite their best efforts, non-profit fundraisers cannot end up accumulating enough money for the same. However, we have come up with a detailed analysis about the ways, using which you can get in touch with potential donors even during tough economic times.

Spread the Message of Your Non-profit through Social Media

Now-a-days, a lot of people spend hours surfing the social networking sites. Hence, using these sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and so on help you reach out to a larger number of audiences, that too without investing much time and money. You may not get a large influx of donors during recession, yet will end up attracting at least a few of them to support you.

Create Awareness by Showing the Value of Your Cause

The anxiety of not having enough funds often makes people wary about contributing even for the noblest cause. As an organizer, you have to make people aware that they are giving money to a worthy cause. You may refer to your past success stories and make people aware about your purpose and objective.

Let People Donate Easily

Provide ultimate convenience to people for making donations to ensure maximum collection. Use Cloud-based registration software and let people donate using the PCI-compliant payment platform securely. Attendees can donate using their PayPal account or through credit and debit cards seamlessly by a single click.

Stay in Touch with Board Members

The recession is the time to make strategic planning and look for the ways to get help from the board members. These members are committed to and have invested in your organization. If you have a healthy relationship with them, you can ask them to donate more during the tough times.

Reallocation of Resources

During the recession, most of the non-profit organizations suffer from shortage of resources, such as money, staff, technology, time, and so on. Hence, you must learn to reallocate your limited resources to your fundraising venture, so that you can generate profitable returns from your efforts.

Ask for Help from the Existing Donors

Attracting new sources of donation becomes difficult during recession. Hence, you must try to explore the existing ones for the same. It's time to look through your database and find out the list of all those donors, who have always been very supportive toward your organization. You can approach them directly for funds during financial crisis.

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