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What to Do When Mice Invade Your Home

November 25, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 127

Mice are a very big problem for many urban and rural houses. The reason why they invade homes is the search for food. Usually mouse infestation happens in the early winter because these rodents are warm-blooded and start looking for warm places such as basements.

They can chew everything that gets on their way like electrical wires, walls and PVC pipelines and can cause enormous damage to your house. When they cannot find any food outside they start invading our houses in the hope to find any food supplies. The main problem about their invasion is a fact that one pair can reproduce up to 200 offspring just in four months.

Having mice in your house brings many risks, most of them consider with health concerns because they can contaminate food and carry various diseases, viruses, and parasites. Another thing that can be very irritating about them is the destruction of the property.

There are many signs that can confirm that mice have invaded your house because they leave "tracks" everywhere. You won't have to search for these signs, they will appear around your house in the form of urine and droppings. They have nesting areas and leave smell. Sometimes if there are many of them they can make a huge noise.

Once mice have entered the house it is very hard to get rid of them but there are some things you can do. The most common question amongst people who have problems with them is what to do when mice have infested your home?

One of the most effective methods used to get rid of mice is trapping; the best way is to put traps on the places where signs of them are visible. In order to use this method you would need to check traps everyday and disposal any dead rodents.

Another way, which is similar to trapping, is to put a glue board and wait for them to come and stick to it. You can also get rid of mice by using poison, this method is not highly recommended, especially if there are any pets in the house. Poison kills mice can also get in touch with humans, which can lead to deadly consequences so you have to be cautious when deciding to use poison.

It is possible to get rid of them using these methods but it is important to strive until there is none of them left in the house because they reproduce very quickly.

If you live in Toronto and are experiencing mice problems, it is best to contact a professional mouse control Toronto professional. For any pest control problem, contact a Toronto pest control professional.

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