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Mosquito Prevention and Management

February 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 124

We all know how unpleasant mosquitoes can make life. Quickly, an outdoor event can become a nightmare if mosquitoes decide to crash the party. Just the sound of their buzz or sight of their tiny body is enough to send us running off, swatting our arms all over the place to avoid the dreadful bites with red welts and a lasting itch. Mosquitoes are no doubt one of the most annoying pest invaders. So what can you do to avoid these biting insects from invading your property? Since these pests are so quick to multiply, it is almost impossible to get rid of mosquitoes all together, but there are ways to prevent them from overtaking your property.

The first tip is to focus on eliminating these pests breeding grounds. Mosquitoes breed rapidly and with thousands being born each day, if there is standing water around your home and property there are sure to be mosquitoes breeding and buzzing around. So try to remove any standing water, whether it is in plant pots, ditches, gutters, garbage cans, or anything that has collected rain water. Also, if you have a pool or pond of standing water right near your home, consider having it moved or filled-in so that the breeding site is not directly near your living space.

The next tip to avoid falling victim to the bites and torture of mosquitoes is to wear the appropriate clothing when you are outside where mosquitoes are present. Marshes and wooded areas seem to be the most susceptible to mosquito infestations, so if you find yourself in these areas, you will want to be wearing long pants and long sleeves to cover as much of your skin as you can. Another option for anyone who needs to spend a long amount of time in a mosquito infested area is to use a mosquito head net, which will allow you stay in one spot and not run for the hills when the insects begin to swarm.

And finally, the last tip to help battle the bugs: apply insect repellent when it is necessary. If you know you are going to be near mosquitoes, it may save your sanity if you apply a repellent to help block the insects from getting too close to your personal space. But make sure to read the labels and follow the directions. Many repellents do contain chemicals that could be harmful if used improperly.

If you are sick and tired of trying to combat mosquitoes, make sure to follow the tips to help keep them at bay. But if mosquitoes are seriously bugging you and making it hard to enjoy the beautiful Hawaii landscapes, click here to contact the pest control experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions who can help you minimize the presence of these annoying pests. With an integrated pest management program that is customized to your property, they will help to reduce the amount of mosquitoes that are invading, making your time outside more pleasant.

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