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How to Get Rid of Moles the Natural Way

February 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 236

There have been so many known ways on how to get rid of moles and yet there are only a handful of them that seemed to work. Inhumane as it may seem, there are so many reasons that will make their eradication justifiable. Aside from creating unsightly mounds and holes in your lawn, their nonstop digging and tunneling can also destroy the roots of those plants that you have painstakingly grown and tended. It is a good thing that there are some ways on how to get rid of garden moles that somehow show effectiveness.

Before you use any of the methods that will be described below, you first need to be assured that your lawn is really infected with moles, and not with some other kind of vermin. Generally, moles are drawn and thrive well in areas that have moist and sandy loam soils. Since they are diggers and will probably build networks of tunnels underground, you can affirm that moles are living in your area by the presence of soil mounds and hills.

One humane way on how to get rid of garden moles is with the use of animal hair, preferably that of a cat or dog. Save some of their hair when you are grooming your pet and drop these into the mole tunnels. Moles have a very keen sense of smell and getting a whiff of the scent of a potential predator would probably send them packing and looking for a much safer home.

The US National Park Service says that moles are very sensitive to sounds and vibrations that are present in their environment. They see this as a threat because it could potentially signal the coming of a predator. Try trampling on the grounds once in a while or putting up objects in your lawns which create sounds or movement. Moles would rather get away from a threat at first notice than take their chances and ignore it.

You can also create your concoction of repellents that are made from materials that are readily available in your home. Castor oil is one of home-ready repellents that have shown to be very effective in keeping moles - along with a few more animals - at bay. In fact, commercial repellents are based on castor bean. Castor oil is mixed with dish soap and water. The resulting concoction is then poured into the tunnels.

If none of the above remedies worked, you can also just choose to peacefully coexist with the moles in your lawn. Looking at it on the bright side, moles might have some use in aerating your soil and providing roper drainage. You can simply just remove their excavations or plant high grasses in the area so that they are less noticeable. Of course, you can always employ traps but there are some people that have ethical issues with this method.

The natural methods of getting rid of moles are highly favored over the use of synthetic chemical solutions. The reason for this is that the latter could also potentially be dangerous to the environment, to other animals, and to humans. In the case of how to get rid of garden moles, it has been found that household methods are more effective than chemical methods.

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