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What Character Is Not

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 176

How is it that we become polluted from head to foot - is a short period of time? How is it that we have men and women, boys and girls -- that are adept in the art of swearing and many other things that I will not list. Where has the art of building character gone? There is a deficiency somewhere. In the homes and schools - there is a failure to produce noble character.


1. Character is not an inheritance. Many things are handed down from father to son. Strength may be, mentality may be, predisposition to good or bad may be; but a full, well-rounded character cannot be inherited. Qualities that will help or hinder in its formation may be inherited, but the character is based on the individual.

2. Character cannot be given to you by any one. As much as a father or mother would like to pass down to a son or daughter a finished character, it can not be done. As much as teachers would like to give their students good character, they can not do it. It cannot be given away or received as a present.

3. Character is not what we think about ourselves. If it were, there would be many more perfect characters than there are. Many of us are something in our own estimation. Self is not always a good judge of self. We would often think less of ourselves if we saw ourselves as others do.

4. Character is not what others think of us. Do not be deceived in this. Many men stand high in the estimation of the world and are without character. What others think of us is called "reputation," and is valuable especially when founded on a good character; but do not mistake this for character.

Since Character is all these "not's", then, what is it? Character is structure built by our own hands. You build your character. It is your very own thing to take credit for - and no one else's. We can claim it for our own work. If it is good, we can look to it with pride and satisfaction and say, "See what I have built." If it is bad, the ruin is our own individual work, and we will be responsible for it, not our teachers or our parents. We are the architects of our own life. If it's bad - it's all you. If it's good - it's God in you.

Character is contagious. Even if we had the right to enjoy our own misery, we have no right to infect our neighbors with it. You are bound by social obligations as well as by selfish reasons to cure the blues every time you have them.

Even though we all speak English, it seems as though we are speaking different languages sometimes, depending on who we are, what our interests are, even what we do for a living, what our education is, our ethnic backgrounds, our upbringing, etc. Religion, Science, Psychology, Sociology, Math - they all have different languages, but I have discovered (through twenty years of home schooling) that quite often, they all are saying the same things, giving the same messages - with different terminology - everything is related in one way or another and with these different subjects, we have many ways to look at a matter, just choose your vernacular (dialect, language) of choice.

Do you speak the language of math - a positive plus a positive always equals a positive or a positive times a negative is always negative? Meaning that a good or positive plus another good/positive is always good/positive. Even a negative plus a negative is a positive because the two negatives agree. The two must agree for it to be a positive - even if they are negatives. Notice how two people cannot work together unless they agree even if it's agreeing on robbing a bank - a negative - they can still pull off their plan because the two minds became one thought. Two negatives equal a positive - in every subject. Therefore, two positives equal a positive as well. Why not lean a little closer to the positive and build excellent character?

Or do you speak the language of science - What's the matter? What is matter? Matter is anything that has weight and takes up space. This includes you, your books, your things, and even the water you drink. On the other hand, what's taking up space and is heavy (weighty) on your mind? What's the matter? Not the thing on the outside of you, but the thing that's on the inside of you? What's that thing you are thinking on? If you are thinking of a negative thing, but doing a positive thing or vise visa - thinking of a positive thing, but do the negative thing - it's going to turn out negative - ALWAYS, because the two do not agree. Your mind and spirit are not in align.

We are spirit, housed in this body of flesh with a mind to think for ourselves. If the mind is thinking of self, what the body wants, you will always be walking in the flesh. But if your mind is thinking upon the Lord, thinking upon the Word and what the Word tells us the think upon (Phil. 4:8). Then your mind and your spirit are aligned and you will always overcome the flesh and you will be walking in the spirit. Two against one - the two will win. Is your mind aligned with your flesh or your spirit? Guess which one produces good character?

So you see that no matter what you "believe," or no matter what group you are a part of, or what type of character/personality you possess, success results in having positive character traits. Good Character is not a given. You must work at it or have good character -- you will not!

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