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Lack Of Sexual Desire

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 145

Many women today experience declining hormones, relationship issues, and stress caused by many reasons like job issues. This causes problems in their personal lives and take a toll in the bedroom. These problems among others which you will learn here are causing "loss in sexual desire" for many, many women in our society today, which also a lot of times causes lack in sexual desire in men. This condition in medical terms is called hypo-active sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This is most common in women of all ages and a recent study shows that almost one-third of women ages 18-59 do suffer from a lost or lack of interest in sex. Only good news from this discovery is that there is therapy offered and steps to take to overcome these issues. This can not be fixed simply by taking a pill like some may suggest and offer.

In men the most common complaint in their lack of sexual desire is erectile dysfunction. As this is a very effective excuse to explain away their lack of desire, this in fact is fixed by taking a pill. Viagra among other pills for men have been very effective to reverse this condition in men. The truth with men is they have a need to be admired in the bedroom. This concern with men is a huge one, as sexual performance is very important to men. If men don't have a feeling of being admired from their partner they tend to avoid the bedroom due to feelings of failed performance. Even though women may tell their partner "I love you" "We will work it out", this does not help with him rejecting himself. This is within him, not her.

The sexual problem in women is different, lack of sexual desire is on the side of physical and mental factors. This problem with women is more complicated, I know that women would like to just keep it simple by taking pill or keeping it to one therapy treatment, this just isn't so. There has been a lot of research in last few years on this subject, very effective therapies have resulted and are also available to put the lust back into women's lives.

How much or how less couples have sexual intercourse does not play a part with sexual desire or satisfaction. What we need to understand is there is no blueprint laying out how much we should or should not engage in sexual activity. Of course over time this will have its own changed anyway. When a woman starts to experience low sexual desire and interest it is important for her to seek therapy to increase her desire before it becomes very evident and causes damage to the relationship. Sexual drive is connected to desire, which is connected to sexual thoughts, fantasies, and spontaneous decisions to engage and get in touch with sexual interest. It's about mind and body, the mind signaling to the body that its time to be sexual. Even though you may at that time act on it this does increase sexual drive which stay and keep increasing.

It's important to know that if one rejects oneself, they tend to reject their partner as well. What woman do not realize is that men are very easy and do not need perfection of their partners body. When a man is experiencing high arousal they are taking score of their partners legs, buttock, or any other part of the body, men get lost in passion and love for their partner. Men are much more accepting of their partner then she is with herself. This causes hardship for the man because the woman thinks he's just saying nice things without believing it but in fact the man is being truthful. It's more important for the woman to feel sexy, hot, and desirable is more important to her in a lot of ways then the mans vision of her. Men have much higher sexual desire than woman do. A woman may be interested in their partner but still not be the one to initiate sex. Even after we succeed in increasing sexual desire in the woman there is still the issue of arousal with woman, they work together with woman. After the woman having the desire, and I say desire meaning, communication, attitudes, beliefs, and the feeling of being desired, they then need arousal, woman need touch to be aroused as men tend to get aroused faster by sight, seeing the woman acting and doing things out of the norm are very arousing to men and result in high levels of desire for their partner.

To conclude my message in today's article I just want all to know that they do not have to live in this condition. We all can change if willing to take the steps and make the call to get started. There are therapy's available in most towns around the nation. We offer a very effective inexpensive therapy in my community. Love yourself and partner enough to work this out to keep spirits on a high level in your relationship. Go back to when romance was alive and strong like when you just met your partner and fell in love, the tingle in your stomach you experience. I know we all remember that, it's still out there just have to go get.

Innovated Creations is a Self help Community Service who employs service-minded individuals in a established, yet still-growing, personal setting. Company employs many in-home workers building relations, self confidence, self esteem, providing a service teaching men and women how to be mindful and live in the moment. Our services teach individuals how to live in freedom help many couples to bring that spark and keep it leading to long lasting relationships. We also provide innovative training through our renowned private training, workforce preparation, and ongoing opportunities for advancement. Come visit us at

Michael C Rymer CEO Innovated Creations Inc

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