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Visa Vanilla Gift Card: Frequently Asked Questions

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 1187

Are you presently trying to find details about the Visa Vanilla gift card? Well, You have reached the right spot!

This blog is focused on covering all specifics relating to the Visa Vanilla gift card. We're gonna get started with some background information, and then transfer to topics like utilizing your card, how to check your balance, and a lot of other hints that can assist you get the most from the card. Let's get rolling!


The Visa Vanilla card was made by the Visa company to be a easy-to-use, modern day gift card that made it simple for people to obtain a gift card and then use it anywhere that Visa cards are accepted. In its most elementary form, the card is available in some amounts: $25, $50, and $100. This makes it easy to pick the best amount that suits your financial budget. The card also comes with a number of background colors and options from a straightforward blue bow to a card with licensed Anne Geddes artwork on it.


You can utilize your card anywhere that you'd use a normal Visa credit card. Because it has the Visa logo, it's backed by Visa in a similar manner that the cards are. This makes it really hassle-free for both users and stores.

Whenever you're at the checkout, it's worth noting that you'll have to choose the "credit" option as opposed to the "debit" option. The reason for this is due to the fact that the Vanilla gift card does not also have a debit option or debit pin number built into it. If you are checking out and you choose the "debit" option, the purchase will fail and the register may show a declined card even if your card account balance is sufficient for whatever you're purchasing. In order to avoid this, make certain you choose the "credit" option each time you checkout using the Visa vanilla gift card.

It's important too to make note of that even with the improved functionality of the card, some merchants online might still decline the transaction due to the fact that it's a gift card. This, however, isn't the situation with most merchants, but it's essential to make note of.

What Will Happen If I Can't Find My Vanilla Gift Card?

Being unable to find your card can be unsettling and worrisome, but be comforted in the fact that Visa has put steps in place to avoid fraud and other difficulties with your card. In cases where you see you've lost your card, you can head to and choose the "Contact Us" section in order report your card as ripped off, or you can call Visa at 1-800-571-1376. As soon as you report the card lost or stolen, Visa will cancel the card and give you a replacement containing your current leftover balance. If your card was bought previous to August 22, 2010, you'll be forced to pay a $5.95 service service charge before your replacement card is going to be turned on. If you purchased your card on or after August 22, 2010, you won't be forced to pay any costs due to a difference in legislature that adjusts the fees assessed on gift cards.

Paying for Gas:

Paying for gasoline inside filling stations is essentially similar to paying for gas with every other credit card, but paying for gas at the pump is pretty different. Since the Vanilla Visa card is a gift card and not an actual credit card, the process is handled differently. With actual credit cards, most gas pumps pre-authorize a little amount, commonly $1, before letting you pump gas. This is a fast way to make sure your card is active just before delivering the fuel. However, with the Visa vanilla gift card, you will have to have a balance of at least $75 before you can buy fuel at the pump.

The explanation for this is because of the fact that the Vanilla card is only a gift card. With a real credit card, fuel merchants realize that if they preauthorize one dollar they will still be in the position to post a transaction for a increased amount of money, even if your account doesn't have the money in it. In most cases, whether it's a bank card or standard credit card, the company will honor the transaction and your account will go negative. This isn't the case with the Vanilla gift card. As soon as your Visa Vanilla gift card account balance reaches zero, Visa won't honor anymore transactions. Being sure that you have no less than a $75 balance prior to pumping gas is a way for merchants to make certain that they receive all of their funds when the transaction finally goes through.

If you don't have at least $75 on your card but still want to buy gas, that's not an issue. All you have to do is walk inside the store and have the attendant debit your card normally. In this situation, you'll continue to be able to buy gas, you only won't be able to pay at the gas pump.

Viewing Account History:

Visa lets you sign in and examine your account record and Vanilla gift card balance online by visiting their site at Here, you supply the info on your card including the number, termination date, and CVV number and then you will have the ability to get a in depth transaction history as well as look at your up-to-date balance. This really is one of the exclusive benefits of the Vanilla gift card that numerous other sellers don't offer on their own gift cards.

Instructions to Use the Vanilla Gift Card for Shopping Online:

An additional one of a kind feature of the Vanilla gift card is that unlike all kinds of other cards, you actually can use it to purchase things online. After you register the card at, you'll be able to buy things online normally as you would with virtually any other card. While in the registration process, you will punch in your address along with other facts that you'd use with almost every other credit card. Just make sure that when you are paying for something on-line that you use exactly the same information that you entered on Visa's web page, or the purchase might be rejected because of mismatched facts.

Return regularly on our weblog for more suggestions, steps as well as other facts associated with the Vanilla gift card!

If you have a Vanilla gift card and are wondering how to check your balance, visit, the internet's number one gift card information site!

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