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Not Your Grandparents Patio Enclosure

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 218

Patio Enclosures have come a long way since the days when enclosing your patio meant you could make use your patio for a season or two. It's no longer a matter of slapping up a couple walls and some flimsy windows on a cheap indoor/outdoor carpet covered slab. These rooms have become fun and comfortable fully functioning, climate controlled family rooms with almost endless possibilities!

With modern materials like high efficiency roof panels and years of development patio enclosures, often called sunrooms, have evolved to a whole new level. Some of the other names these additions are known by: Patio Room, Florida Room, Solarium and Conservatory. These rooms provide space unlike any other room in the house, functional, flexible and multi-dimensional at the same time.

Need some room for guests when they visit? No problem. Entertaining for the evening? That's easy. How about a game room or playroom for the kids? You could even turn it into a home office or artists studio. You are not limited to what you chose to do with the room in the beginning, you can always change it later according to your needs.

Technically called a glass walled room addition, a room built with walls of glass, you'll be able to see unobstructed and enjoy your beautiful back or front yard, trees, birds and the squirrels, or your children playing happily. You will not be concerned with the heat of the day or bothersome gusts of wind, insects or even the cool evening air.

Furthermore, the real beauty for some homeowners is the cost and speed at which this wonderful new room can be added. One could take as little as 5-7 to construct and be ready to use. Then there is the issue of cost to add the room. You can expect far less cost than a traditional stick built addition. Your sunroom can even be built to look like is an original part of the house with matching roofing, on the gable style room for instance.

A patio enclosure will also increase the value of you home when it comes time to sell. Again, another great reason for adding a patio room to your home. From entertaining to relaxing to just about anything else the new patio enclosures of today will fit almost anyone's budget and needs.

Considering the low cost, low maintenance, ease of installation and beauty it's no wonder that over the years this type of home improvement has become commonplace.

Looking for the best patio enclosure solution for your home? There are many styles and designs to choose from so it is wise to start with some professional help.

by Kelvin Boyd

Source: EzineArticles
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