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How Is an Outdoor Teak Patio Restored Once the Wood Is Weathered?

August 04, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 198

Teak also known as ''Tectona Grandis", is one of the most valued hard woods that mainly grow in the Southeast Asia and generally areas with tropical rain forest such as India Malaysia and Thailand. Teak grows up to 40 meters high in a period of 50 years. Its leaves are aligned opposite each other with leaves estimated to be around 6 - 75 cm long and 8 - 45 cm wide while its bark is scaly. It produces a fruit which is yellow in color with hair like structures that are star shaped. Teak wood can be identified by its unique color of golden brown or dark reddish brown.

Other woods are incomparable to teak. Some of its distinguishable qualities include the ability to produce very high oil content which makes it resistant to rot and more so to be water repellent which prevents infestation by insects. It has the ability to avoid succumbing to accumulation by dust when it is joined with metal. Today, teak is used in various capacities, in ship decking, flooring construction such as bridges and importantly for outdoor use mainly furniture because of its weather resistant ability. Teak furniture has a special quality of being warm in color, having a smooth surface and patio furniture is one example of the teak furniture used in producing chairs, garden benches, tables and office desks.

When teak patio furniture has been exposed to prolonged periods in the sun, they age and their color often tends to weather out and become silver gray. To counter this, several methods have been designed to try and restore teak patio furniture, this include:

1. Determine the damages: Being able to identify areas of repair is very crucial so that you can be sure of where to start.

2. Cleaning out the old paint: Taking a soft bristle brush would be perfect for cleaning out the patina. An open space area such as a garage where there is enough ventilation would be best.

3. Apply teak oil or any special solvent: This is useful in making the teak patio furniture brighter and with a stunning luster.

4. Identifying other structural damages: Involves looking up for any cracks or broken points, repair and then smooth the surfaces.

5. Painting and preserving teak patio look: Using a sealant will bring back the natural wood beauty. Either taking it indoors or covering the teak patio furniture with water proof outdoor furniture covers to make it look new and protect from outside elements.

The one question that most people ask themselves is 'How often teak should be restored?' Well the answer to this question is that teak itself lasts in sync to the amount of oil you apply to it and the average recommendation is to do deep cleaning once every year to make it look new and the underside of the mat. "Simply stated, professional teak restoration is the act of transforming weathered and damaged teak furniture back to its original condition." ( So restoration should be done at any time that the teak begins to look older and needs to be brought back to it's original state and look.

Written by Brittany Randolph

Source: EzineArticles
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