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How to Make Your Party a Great One

March 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

People love parties, but hosting a party can be challenging for the host as he or she will want to ensure that all the guests will enjoy themselves. Planning a party is potentially stressful as most people don't have the experience or skills with throwing a party. Leading up to the day of the party, you need to check the following details to ensure that your party becomes a memorable one for all your guests.

The guidelines

Obviously the first thing that you need to do is to select your party theme depending on what occasion you are celebrating. This need not be elaborate, however, as it should be a reason for your guests to celebrate the occasion. For instance, it could be a homecoming for a loved one, a block party, an engagement party, or you can choose your own party idea depending on the occasion and then plan the party within this theme.

The next step will be to send invites to all the guests on your list, and ensure they receive the invites at least two weeks prior to the party to allow sufficient time for them to plan ahead. People now have busy lives and they may need time to make arrangements for say hiring a baby sitter, or making travel arrangements if they live far from the party venue.

After inviting the guests, you will need to create an inviting party atmosphere for the guests, ideally make it a fun environment. If you are hosting a house party, it will be important to ensure the surroundings are inviting and adding a banner may be a consideration. You also need to get adequate seating to accommodate all the expected guests.

The meals

You also need to schedule the party such that the guests will arrive just before you serve the meal, or begin the first party event. If you are planning a sit down meal party, you need to allow at least 30 minutes before the event begins for latecomers to get seated.

When planning for the food, you need to plan well in advance, do the necessary shopping early and ensure that all the dishes are prepared in advance. Frozen meals could be an option, saving you a lot of preparation time. If you are going to hire an outside caterer, notify them in good time of the number of guests expected and your preferred menu.

On the night before the party, double check that all preparations have been made, including the guests' cloaking area, and have a good stock of clean hand towels and soap in the bathroom. Ensure you have enough crockery and utilities for the meal, while on the day itself dress for the party in advance to avoid a last minute rush.

Ideally, preparing well in advance is the key to hosting a great party, and it is very important to greet each guest personally as they arrive with a smile, and then focus on the party and have fun.

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